Pragmatic Play – Cash Elevator – Free Slot Game

Reel Kingdom has strayed a bit from their usual style with this release, as Cash Elevator is a mix of photorealistic elements, Hollywood actor lookalikes and steampunk visuals. The piccolo on the welcome screen looks like a young Rob Love, while the gothic femme fatale for Angelina Jolie is a dead alarm clock. Everything takes place in a creepy old hotel, and the bellboy isn’t really the pretty boy he seems to be.

The high volatility combined with the elevator feature makes for a lot of ups and downs in this game, and you basically move from floor to floor like a yoyo. The 13th floor triggers the Hold & Spin feature , and both Hollywood star lookalikes are active in the bonus round as walking wild lovers. As you ascend the stories of the haunted hotel, low value symbols are removed, and fans of The Shining will likely feel right at home.

Cash Elevator Features

The Cash Elevator feature always does its thing and the hotel has 14 different floors, including the basement. You start on the 1st floor, where all the pay symbols included in the paytable can land.

As you move up to the 2nd floor and higher, the lowest value symbols are removed one by one per floor. Floor 12 is the highest floor you can reach in the base game. Here you play only with the highest paying hotel / logo symbol and the second highest moon / cat symbol.

You move up a floor when you land a winning combination with the lowest value symbol on that level. You can also land special arrow symbols on reel 3. This will move you up or down 1 to 3 floors depending on which direction the arrow is pointing.

If the arrow symbols take you to the basement, you will be moved to a random floor from 1 to 12. Your progress is saved per bet level, and you start over on floor 1 when you move to a bet size where no progress has been made.

The Dead Lovers bonus round is triggered when you land a fully expanded 1×3 wild on reels 2 or 4. A Pick`em game determines your number of free spins between 6 and 12 and triggers the 2 Wilds feature between 12 and 24 spins.

At the start of the bonus round, you are moved to a random floor and both reel 1 and reel 5 are occupied by a full 1×3 wild (Piccolo Rob Love and Gothic Steampunk Angelina Jolie). Depending on which winning combinations you land, the two wilds can move to the center, where they meet and create a green toxic cloud. The true zombie nature of the piccolo is then revealed and you get +5 extra spins.

The Hold & Spin feature is triggered when you reach the top 13th floor. It is played on a set of reels where only special symbols and spaces can land. You get 4 responses and the count is reset for each non-blank symbol you land. A pick`em game determines in advance how many sticky money symbols you start with, from 3 to 11.

All non-blank symbols become sticky, and these can be money symbols or multiplier symbols up to 10x. The total multiplier you collected applies to your total wins, and you can also land land specific money symbols. When the feature ends, you will be taken to a random floor while the base game continues.

The 200 Spins Cash Elevator Experience

You can watch the Hold and Spins feature and the Dead Lovers Free Spins from 00:55 to the 4 ½-minute highlight video. Just press the play button and off you go.


While we like the elevator concept that Reel Kingdom has come up with in Cash Elevator, the execution could have been better. We also don’t quite understand the undead love story. Why does the bellboy with the looks of Rob Love turn into a zombie in the bonus round, and why does the goth girl with the looks of Angelina Jolie keep getting attracted to him afterwards? So many questions, so few answers.

It’s a good thing it is, though, as you’ll need plenty of extra spins to get close to the advertised 20,000x potential. The highest possible single-spin payout is only 1,000x your bet, and the Streak Respins feature doesn’t seem to be a massive detriment. We like developers to experiment and explore different avenues, but this one needs a bit of a makeover to avoid a dead end.


Remove low value symbols per floor.
Reach the 13th floor to trigger Streak Respins
Bonus round with Walking Wilds
Win up to 20,000 times your bet


Maximum win on one spin is 1,000 times your bet

Cash Elevator Slot FAQs

What is the Return to Player of Cash Elevator?

The RTP of 96.64% is slightly higher than the industry average, but you can get a lower payback due to the RTP ranges. Available RTP values are 96.44%, 95.41% and 94.43%.

How volatile is Cash Elevator?

This is a high volatility elevator title, so you can expect many ups and downs.

What is the largest possible profit?

You can win up to 20,000 times your bet from the bonus round in total, but 1,000 times your bet is the highest single game win.

How does the elevator feature work?

You start on floor 1, and each floor above removes the lowest value symbol in chronological order from the reel strips. You ascend by winning with the lowest value symbol per floor, and arrow symbols take you up or down.

Is there a free spins mode in Cash Elevator?

Yes, it comes with a full 1×3 wild on reels 1 and 5, and these can run towards the center and meet there.

What about the hold & spins feature?

It is triggered when you reach the top 13th floor, and you land sticky money symbols and multiplier boosts. This resets the response time to 4 each time and your wins are added up at the end.

Can I play the Cash Elevator slot for free?

Yes, you can try the free Cash Elevator demo game at the very top of this page at any time (UK players must check their age first).

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