Pragmatic Play – Congo Cash – Free Slot Game

Visually, Congo Cash has a dated look that is clearly inspired by physical slot machines. This is a style that you will either like or dislike, but the gameplay is not really affected in any way. The only innovation on display here is the Jewel Board, which sits on top of the center reels. The possibility of landing up to 100 free spins is good, but don’t expect to see these numbers very often.

You can land the Grand Jackpot here on any spin, and it can even be combined with other smaller jackpots as well as your regular payout for the base game. This all adds up to a maximum win potential of 5,500x , which is plenty for a somewhat volatile game. The Jewel Board prizes make every spin a potential big winner, so this rather mediocre effort is definitely exciting.

Congo Cash Slot Features

The bonus features themselves aren’t too unusual here, but the way you trigger them is a bit unorthodox. You’ll see the so-called Jewel Board as the top positions of reels 2, 3 and 4, and these reel positions are not part of the regular gameplay. There are 3 different prizes displayed on the Jewel Board per round. The prizes vary between the following:

  • Free spins offering between 8 and 100 spins.
  • Instant cash prizes between 5x and 200x your bet
  • Small Jackpot of 25x your bet
  • Major Jackpot of 100x your bet
  • Grand Jackpot of 2,000x your bet

To trigger the prizes displayed on the Jewel Board, you must land 2 Butterfly symbols on the first and last reel and Congo Cash symbols on at least one of the three middle reels. The Jewel Board prize above the Congo Cash symbol is then yours and you can win up to all three at once.

The free spins feature, as mentioned above, offers between 8 and 100 spins. On each spin, you get at least 1 guaranteed wild on the reels, especially on the reel below the Jewel Board position that triggered the bonus round. The wild symbol is a diamond and can only land on reels 2 through 5. The Jewel Board prizes can also be landed during the Free Spins feature.

The 200 Spins Congo Cash Slot Experience

After a bigger win in the base game, we trigger the bonus round at 1:33 in the highlights video thanks to the Diamond Wild. We also collect 2 smaller cash prizes as the feature is triggered with 3 Congo Cash symbols. We get 15 free spins and you can see how we fared by clicking the replay button.


Wild Streak Gaming has created a somewhat unusual game with Congo Cash, but that’s mostly due to the Jewel Board. The features themselves are pretty standard, with the bonus round being the big highlight. The possibility of winning up to 100 free spins also stands out, but more often than not you’ll get a much lower number.

The main prize of this game comes when you land 2 Major Jackpots in combination with the Grand Jackpot. This gives you a 2,200x jackpot payout, but you can also win 4,320x by filling the screen with the top paying Gorilla symbol. Since the Jewel Board is always active with new prize combinations, there is a possibility of significant payouts on every spin.


Jewel Board with cash prizes, jackpots and free spins
Bonus round with up to 100 free spins and a guaranteed wild
Win the Grand Jackpot of 2,000x combined with other wins


The “dated” visual style is not everyone’s cup of tea

Congo Cash Slot FAQs

What is the Return to Player of Congo Cash slot?

The game’s RTP of 96.51% is slightly higher than the industry average, but you can get a lower payback due to the RTP ranges. Available RTP values are 96.51%, 95.55% and 94.50%.

How volatile is the Congo Cash slot?

The volatility here is in the upper to medium range, scoring 4 out of 5 on the internal volatility scale.

What is the biggest possible win?

The biggest Grand Jackpot is worth 2,000 times your bet, but you can also win up to 4,320 times on a base game spin. The Grand Jackpot can also be combined with smaller jackpots, and the maximum total win is said to be 5,500 times your bet.

How does the Jewel Board feature work?

The Jewel Board consists of the 3 top reel positions on the 3 middle reels. These display random cash prizes up to 200x, up to 100 free spins and the 3 jackpots up to 2,000x. You win the displayed prizes by landing butterfly symbols on reels 1 and 5, combined with at least 1 Congo Cash symbol on reels 2, 3 and/or 4.

Is there a free spins mode in Congo Cash slot?

Yes, you can get up to 100 free spins here and you get 1 guaranteed wild per spin. The Jewel Board is also active throughout the bonus round.

Can I play the Congo Cash slot for free?

Yes, you can try the Congo Cash free demo game at the very top of this page (UK players must confirm their age first).

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