Pragmatic Play – Diamond Strike – Free Slot Game

Hit the jackpot in Diamond Strike, a 3×5, 15 line video slot. Diamonds are wild and stacked on all reels. More diamonds are added in the lucrative FREE PLAY FEATURE. And if you hit 3 golden 7 symbols, you have a chance to win up to 1000 times your bet in the JACKPOT BONUS GAME.

Diamond Strike combines classic gameplay, similar to what land-based casinos used to offer, with modern features.

Game Details

Marilyn M. is known as a famous and attractive movie star. One day, when she was taking a break on the set of her new movie, Marilyn M. thought it was time for a change. She stroked her fingers through her blonde curly hair and thought about what she wanted to do. When she put her hand on the arm of the chair she was sitting on, she saw it: the beautiful diamond ring on her finger. That’s how she knew her video slot had to be built around diamonds.

After choosing the most exclusive symbols and designing the features with the most rewards, Marilyn asked you to play her video slot. She designed this game according to one rule: “Give a player the right slot, and he/she can get all the winnings”.

You better pack your bag and book the first flight to Hollywood. Marilyn is already waiting for you, and you don’t want to keep her waiting, do you?

How to play

This video slot has 5 reels, 3 rows and 15 paylines that can give you shiny prizes of up to 1,246x the total bets.

Marilyn M. chose immaculate symbols to integrate into her slot:

  • Lucky 7 – pays 133.333x your bet if you hit 5 on a payline.
  • Crooked bell – pays 6.666 times your bet when you hit 5 on a payline
  • Tasty Cherries – pays 2.666 times your bet when you hit 5 on a payline
  • Watermelon – pays 2.666 times your bet if you hit 5 on a payline
  • Plum – pays 2.666 times your bet if you hit 5 on a payline
  • Lemon – pays 2.666 times your bet when you hit 5 on a payline

The star of this game is the wild symbol. It looks like a shiny, expensive diamond. This symbol, which has infinite carats, can substitute for all others, except for the Golden version of the Lucky 7 and the Free Spins symbols. It can also pay 20 times your bet if you land 5 on a payline. Now you understand why diamonds should be your best friends.

The golden version of the Lucky 7 symbol pays like the regular Lucky 7 symbol and can substitute for it in all winning combinations. This luxurious looking symbol with 3 gems at the bottom is the lucky key that can open the gates to the jackpot bonus game.

The scatter symbol can land on reels 1, 3 and 5 and can also unlock the free spins feature. You will easily recognize this symbol as it is made up of the words “free spins”. There is no chance that you will mistake it for any other symbol.

How to win

The Golden 7 symbols can unlock the jackpot bonus game, while the Free Spins symbol triggers the Free Spins round, which adds additional wild symbols to the reels.

The Free Spins Feature

You need to land 3 scatter symbols on the reels to trigger this round. The game will reward you with 8 free spins. At the beginning of the feature, a bunch of extra wild symbols are added to the reels. This gives you more chances to form winning combinations. Hit another 3 free spins symbols and get another 8 free spins.

The Jackpot Bonus Game

Hit 3 golden Lucky 7 symbols on the screen to trigger this round. The diamonds at the bottom of the symbols are gathered in the center of the screen, where they break into a million pieces.

In the game, you need to select the diamonds to reveal the jackpot symbols. If you find 3 of the same jackpot symbol, the game will pay out the corresponding cash prize.

There are 4 available jackpots:

  • The Mega Jackpot – you will receive 1,000 times your bet;
  • The Major Jackpot – you get 100 times your bet;
  • The Minor Jackpot – you will receive 30 times your bet;
  • The Mini Jackpot – you receive 10 times your bet.

Bets and winnings

The bet menu offers you the possibility to change and adjust your bets according to your preferences. The minimum bet per line is 1 coin, while the maximum bet can be up to 10 coins with a face value of €0.01 up to €0.50. With 15 paylines to cover, the total betting range is between €0.15 and €75.


The first screen shows us the reel in the center, shining brightly like a diamond. On top of them, there are a few lightning bolts, hinting that big wins are approaching that will make your wallet glow.

Activate the jackpot bonus game and a huge, glittering diamond will appear on the screen. It only stays there for a second, then it shatters and scatters small sparkling pieces on your screen.

The music has a rather retro vibe that takes you back to the 70s. When you trigger the free spins feature, a male voice calls out “free spins”. He already knows that you are the winner.


Diamond Strike is a classic online slot game that can reward you with a 1,246x multiplier. Activate the jackpot bonus game and pick the 3 matching diamonds that hide the mega jackpot, and go home with a bag full of jewels.

Your visit to Marylin’s office is over, but don’t worry, you can always go to our casino partners’ websites and play Diamond Strike if you want to multiply your winnings.

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