Pragmatic Play – Diamonds are Forever 3 Lines – Free Slot Game

Play Diamonds Are Forever 3 Lines and learn why diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Feel like a famous spy when you smuggle three blue diamonds worth 200 coins! Impress Miss Moneypenny when you smuggle 3 diamond-encrusted sevens worth up to 6,000 coins!

The villain has stolen three of the most valuable diamonds in the world. Your mission is clear: go to the villain’s hideout during his annual party, fight him, get the diamonds and return to headquarters as soon as possible.

Game details

You are standing in the middle of a beautiful room with a chandelier hanging from the roof, spreading a divine light all over the room. People in elegant gowns and fancy tuxedos are talking and laughing quietly in groups of four or five. Your mission is clear; you cannot afford to linger. After carefully examining the walls, you discover a wooden door that doesn’t match this luxurious room at all. There it is, the door to the secret cave where the villain has hidden the diamonds.

Join our international spy as he attempts to recover the stolen diamonds in this low-volatility slot game with only 3 sparkling paylines and a winning potential of up to 3000 times your bet.

How to play

Diamonds are Forever 3 Lines resembles the then-familiar traditional slot games, both in aspects and features. This 3-line slot game with low volatility and an RTP of 96.96% can bring you fabulous winnings of up to 3,000 times your bet. There is a saying from a famous movie with spies that “sometimes the old ways are the best”. Don’t you agree?

The 6 symbols of this slot look pretty fancy:

  • Lucky 7 – pays up to 6,000 coins for 3 on a payline.
  • Shiny Diamond – pays 200 coins for 3 on a payline
  • 3 BARS – pays 50 coins for 3 on a payline
  • 2 BARS – pays 25 coins for 3 on a payline
  • 1 BAR – pays 15 coins for 3 on a payline
  • Golden Bell – pays up to 10 coins for 3 on a payline
  • Any type of BAR symbol – pays 5 coins for 3 on a payline

The Lucky 7 is the symbol to look out for, as it is the key to activating this video slot’s fantastic jackpot. Make sure you land 3 of them on the 3rd payline (wink wink).

How to win

The paylines and the Lucky 7 symbol determine the rules in this sparkling slot game. You can hit the highest win by landing Lucky 7 symbols on the reels as follows:

  • 3 Lucky 7 symbols on the first payline – awards 1,000 coins.
  • 3 Lucky 7 symbols on the second payline – awards 3,000 coins
  • 3 Lucky 7 symbols on the third payline – awards 6,000 coins

Hit the jackpot, grab the diamonds from the villain and go back to the magical dance hall. He will not hurt you in front of everyone. Now you can slowly walk outside where you left your car. Act normally, no one needs to know who you are and with what thoughts you came to this party.

Bets and winnings

In the betting section you can change your bets to the last detail. You can choose to bet on 1, 2 or 3 lines with a stake between 1 and 10. The coin value can also be changed from the lowest value (€0.01) to the highest value (€0.50). The total bet thus varies between €3 and €30.

Where there’s betting, there’s massive winning – this saying fits perfectly in this slot, as it can reward you with a shiny prize that is up to 3,000 times your bet.


The reels spin against an elegant background that consists of blue and black splashes. Some diamonds sparkle on the right and left side of the reel. Exquisite. The reel makes a familiar sound when it spins. It reminds us of the reels in land-based casinos. Well, some things are just better the old-fashioned way.


Diamonds are Forever 3 Lines slot offers a gaming experience that is similar to traditional slot machines in terms of look and feel. With an amazing maximum payout of up to 3,000 times your bet, this online slot game can turn you into an international spy ready to embark on a dangerous mission to recover the stolen diamonds. Land 3 Lucky 7 symbols on the 3rd reel and return the little treasure to its true owner. You have completed your mission, congratulations!

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