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Eye of Horus was a huge success from the start, and after more than 4 years it’s still going strong. No wonder other developers are trying to capitalize on its success, and this is ’s second attempt. This time it’s their partner, Reel Kingdom, that is behind the effort, and Eye of the Storm is unfortunately nothing more than a John Hunter and the Mayan Gods reskin with a slightly optimized math model.

The big difference – drum roll – is that the RTP is increased from 96.51% to 96.71%, while the maximum bet is increased from £100 per spin to £250, but fortunately they’ve also decidedly increased the potential to bump, so it’s now solid offering prizes of up to 10,000x the bet. In other words, not exactly earth shattering stuff. While the upgrade feature for bonus round symbols is still exciting, we don’t see how these efforts will dethrone the many different Eye of Horus versions already in existence.

Eye of the Storm Slot Features

The leggy Cleopatra symbol is the wild in this game, expanding to completely cover the reels on each landing. However, you will only benefit from the growing wild on the 3 middle reels and she will grace you with her presence both in the base game and during the bonus round.

Speaking of which, the free spins feature is triggered when you land at least 3 pyramid scatters in view. You will first get a scatter win of 2x, 20x or 50x from 3, 4 or 5 scatters and then you will get 12 free spins.

All 6 premium symbols will now appear above the reels. These are called upgrade trays . The bonus round thus consists of 6 levels and you advance to the next level by landing Cleopatra Wilds.

You start with level 1, which plays out like the base game. However, if you land wild symbol 1, you will reach level 2 and the premium symbol of the lowest level (the fan) will then be upgraded to the next level symbol (the ankh cross) for the duration of the bonus round. You also get +1 free spin when you land a Cleopatra Wild.

The symbol upgrade feature continues gradually until you reach level 6. At the highest level, all premium symbols that land are the Eye of Horus symbol with the highest value. Here is an overview of the progress of the feature in the different upgrade levels:

  • Level 1 – Plays like the base game.
  • Level 2 – All Fan symbols become Ankh crosses for the duration of the feature.
  • Level 3 – All Ankh crosses become scarab beetles for the duration of the feature .
  • Level 4 – All scarab beetles become falcons for the duration of the feature .
  • Level 5 – All hawks become leopards for the duration of the feature .
  • Level 6 – All leopards become Eye of Horus symbols for the duration of the feature.

If you manage to land more than 3 pyramid scatters with the same free spin, you retrigger the bonus round with 12 new spins. There is no cap here, so you can retrigger the free spins feature indefinitely.

The 200 Spins Eye of the Storm Slot Experience

We only scored minor wins in the base game, and we were teased a few times when two scatters landed. If you want, you can jump straight to the bonus round. The first minute starts with the 4-minute highlight video. We can see up front that we reached level 5, but to find out how much we got away with, you’ll have to hit the play button.


It’s not that easy to understand what Pragmatic Play’s partner, Reel Kingdom, was thinking with this release. It’s more or less a reskin of Pragmatic’s own John Hunter and the Mayan Gods. However, the RTP of 96.71% is a bit higher and the potential is much better. However, you can’t expect to be taken seriously by savvy players if you create bonafide copies of your older games.

If you want to create another Eye of Horus clone, why not at least try to compete in terms of the mathematical model? Eye of Horus has a 10,000x potential at medium volatility, and Reel Kingdom thinks a slightly higher RTP will somehow dethrone that? They would be better off creating a medium volatility clone that better matches other stats, or better yet, improve the symbol upgrade feature somehow.


Wilds on reels 2, 3 and 4 expand
Bonus round with progressive symbol upgrade
RTP of 96.71% is slightly higher than average


Reskin of John Hunter and the Mayan gods
High volatility

Eye of the Storm Slot FAQs

What is the return to player of Eye of the Storm?

The RTP of 96.71% is slightly higher than the industry average, but you can get a lower payback due to the RTP ranges. Available RTP values are 96.71%, 95.67% and 94.64%.

How volatile is Eye of the Storm slot?

The volatility is high in this game and gets 5 out of 5 points on the volatility scale in the game.

What is the biggest possible win?

You can win up to 100000 times your bet, but only if you reach the highest level.

Is Eye of the Storm a clone of Eye of Horus?

Yes, and it is also a reskin of John Hunter and Maya Gods, except for the slightly higher RTP. Both Horus clones have much weaker potential combined with higher volatility.

Is there a free spins mode in Eye of the Storm?

Yes, you get 12 free spins, and when you land expanding wilds, the lowest level premium symbol now becomes the next in line. This can go up to level 6, where all premium symbols that land are the highest paying Eye of Horus symbol.

Can I play the Eye of the Storm slot for free?

Yes, you can try out the Eye of the Storm free demo game at the very top of this page (UK players need to check their age first).

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