Pragmatic Play – Hercules Son of Zeus – Free Slot Game

Hercules, the great hero of the ancient world, is stacked on all reels and pays from 2 in Hercules Son of Zeus, the 4×5, 50-line slot. Summon 3 Zeus symbols to win the Free Spins round, in which Wild symbols are added on reels 2, 3 and 4 before each spin, and each time you land on Scatter during the round adds another Free Spins!

After defeating the mighty Lion of Nemea, Hercules was sent by his father, Zeus, to fight other mythological and dangerous creatures that could not be killed with weapons made by mortal hands. The fate of the world (and its gains) rests on the strong shoulders of Hercules, the mighty demigod.

Game details

Hercules must once again prove that he is the invincible son of Zeus. With the head of the Nemean lion on his shoulders, he has embarked on the path of another risky but highly rewarding adventure. Who knows what strange animals and difficult challenges Zeus will throw his way this time?

The journey begins on a 5×4 grid in a mystical garden. With a fantastic feature, 50 paylines and a maximum win of up to 800x your bet, this Greek mythology-inspired video slot is our hero’s next quest.

How to play

Myth and legend intertwine in Hercules Son of Zeus slot, which is played on a 5×4 reel and includes a massive potential payout of up to 800x your bet. 50 paylines, an RTP of 95.19% and high volatility are Hercules’ tools to help you win big.

Hercules already defeated five mystical creatures and turned them into high-quality symbols. Thus, you will see the Erymanthian Boar, Stymphalian Bird, Cretan Bull and Cerberus land on the reels.

  • Hercules – pays 16 times your bet if you land 5 on a payline.
  • Cerberus – pays 8 times your bet if you land 5 on a payline
  • Bull – pays 6 times your bet if you land 5 on a payline
  • Wild Boar – Pays 6 times your bet if you land 5 on a payline
  • Buck – pays 6 times your bet if you land 5 on a payline
  • Bird – pays 3 times your bet if you land 5 on a payline
  • The Ace and King cards – each pays 2 times your bet if you land 5 on a payline
  • The Queen and Jack – each pays 1 times your bet when you land 5 on a payline

The majestic entrance to the Temple of Zeus is the wild symbol in this online slot. It can substitute for all other symbols, except for the scatter symbol.

Zeus couldn’t let his son fight alone against the most feared creatures of the mythical world, so he created a scatter symbol that looks like him. This symbol lands only on reels 2, 3 and 4 and pays double your total bet. The god of gods made the Zeus symbol the only one that can trigger the free spins feature.

How to win

The adventure begins when you activate the free spins feature. Land lots of scatter symbols on the reels to add more free spins to the total.

The Free Spins Feature

Hit 3 Zeus symbols on the screen to activate the feature. You will play six free spins with more wild symbols on the reels. Before each spin, including the first one, the game adds a wild symbol on reels 2, 3 and 4. These symbols remain on the screen until the end of the round.

Even though he doesn’t always show them, Zeus loves his son and wants to help him get the biggest win for you. That’s why he demanded that every scatter symbol that lands on the reels awards +1 free spin. Also, there is no limit to the number of free spins you can win. The wise man is only one, and he shall bear the name of Zeus.

Stakes and winnings

Being the greatest god in Olympus, Zeus has never cared about money. In fact, no god has ever cared about money. They have bigger issues to think about, like the fate of humanity or the welfare of all creatures. That’s why Zeus set the minimum bet at €0.50 and the maximum bet at €250.

The game also gives you the option to change the coin value between €0.01 and €0.50 and the coins per line from 1 to 10.

At the end of this journey, a great treasure worth 800 times your bet is waiting for you. Stay close to Hercules and trigger the free spins rounds whenever you have the chance to do so to get to the win faster.


The game takes place in the Mystic Garden of All Possibilities. The reels are held up by two mighty columns, which are decorated with Greek motifs on top. A bridge leading to Olympus can be seen on the left side of the screen, while the entrance to the Garden of All Possibilities can be seen on the right side. Take the challenge, enter the garden and try out this divine slot that can earn you a small fortune.

During the free spins rounds, the music gets louder and louder, becoming more alert and preparing you for the dangers ahead. Before each round, three lightning bolts sent by Zeus strike the reels and add more wild symbols. You know what Sophocles said, “The dice of Zeus always fall for luck”.


Hercules Son of Zeus is an exciting game that brings the of Olympus to the slot world. This highly volatile slot with 50 paylines and an RTP of 95.19% can change your life and make you as rich as a god. Join Hercules on his quest for the biggest jackpot and he will give up his share of the winnings for you. The demigod fights for the prize of up to 800 times your stake to make you richer (and happier).

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