Pragmatic Play – Mochimon – Free Slot Game

Game provider is one of my favorite developers of online slots, their games are always beautifully presented, have above-average RTPs and usually have a decent jackpot as well. At the same time, it’s hard to ignore their current tendency to recycle their previous releases instead of coming up with something new. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a clone of an existing game if the source material is good, and this release – titled Mochimon (nobody tell Nintendo…) – is a clone of the developer’s excellent Sugar Rush online slot machine. As with that game, this machine’s biggest wins are awarded for clusters of 15 or more adjacent matching symbols. The RTP is set at 96.5%, while the highest win is limited to 5,000x the total bet.

As with most other grid slots, Mochimon is a tumbling reels game, meaning that winning combinations are immediately removed from the reels. This allows new symbols to drop in from the top of the screen, allowing you to win multiple times with a single paid spin. There is a new twist here, however, as winning symbols leave a mark when they are removed. Moreover, if two winning combinations occur on the same position of the playfield, a multiplier is applied to the second win, which can eventually reach 128x! Up to 30 free spins can be won in the main bonus round, and there is also a bonus buying facility available if you don’t have the patience to wait for the feature to start spinning naturally.

Well, you know what they say – I have to catch them all! Oh no, that’s Pokemon, right? Do! No worries – let’s just forget this ever happened; go play our free demo slot of Mochimon below!


Monsters!!! They’re everywhere these days, aren’t they? They also come in all shapes and sizes; Monstrous superlanche, Monsters spread and Monster multipliers; our review library is literally bursting with monster-themed slots right now! An odd coincidence with all of these games is that they are all grid slots. Perhaps monsters are afraid of paylines and paytables? My personal favorite in this category is probably the Play’N’Go series Reactoonz, but it’s a tough call, if I’m honest, and this machine is a very good contender! So let’s dive into the paytable.

The pink monster is the most valuable beast of burden in Mochimon, with a return of 150x the total bet if you were lucky enough to collect 15 or more of them on adjacent reel positions. The cute yellow monster’s turn pays 100x your bet for a maximum cluster of those symbols, while the top hat-wearing blue man upgrades your balance by 60x the current bet when an abundance of his symbol appears on the playing field. Then the purple monster pays 40x for 15 symbols, followed by the green for 30x, the brown for 25x and finally the white for 20x. There are no boring royal symbols to discuss here – monsters represent both the high and low pay on this paytable!

I’m sure it won’t surprise you that the minimum/maximum bets available in this game are €0.20 and €100.00, respectively, just like every other Pragmatic Play release we’ve reviewed recently. This also means that there is plenty of flexibility between the upper and lower limits.


Those who are not used to grid slots may be surprised by the huge playfield used in Mochimon! With seven columns or seven rows each, the reel set-up is huge compared to a typical 5×3 online slot. This setup creates a total of 49 unique positions where symbols can land, and you must collect a cluster of at least five matching symbols on adjacent squares to win.


Whenever a winning symbol explodes, its position will be marked by a spot on the grid. If another winning combination forms on a spotted position, a 2x multiplier will be applied to the win. If further winning combinations are formed in the same spot after this, the multiplier is doubled a maximum of 128x. Spotted spots are cleared between paid spins.


Scatter symbols can occur in all seven columns of the Mochimon reel set. Just three scatters are enough to win yourself 10 free spins, while four, five, six or seven earn 12, 15, 20 or 30 free spins, respectively.


The main bonus round plays identically to the base game, with one important exception: marked spots are no longer cleared between spins! As a result, every free spin you play is Extremely valuable in this game.

A trigger of seven scatters with 30 free spins is therefore incredibly exciting, but even better is that you can re-activate additional sets of up to 30 free spins by hitting 3-7 scatter symbols while the feature is active.


A bonus buy facility is available at the cost of 100x the normal cost per spin, provided that such features are not prohibited in your country or jurisdiction. The number of activating scatters is randomly determined for each bonus round, but this is one game where I wish the developer had added a more expensive option that allowed you to buy the maximum seven scatter trigger!


Mochimon is an entertaining and addictive online slot machine – before choosing to give this machine a try, I must warn you – you will be coming back to this for a long time. Player discretion is advised!

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