Pragmatic Play – Monkey Madness – Free Slot Game

Grab the cash in Monkey Madness, a classic 3Ă—3, 9 line slot. The monkey is wild, and when he substitutes one, he triples the win. When two monkeys substitute, he multiplies the win by 9x. And if you have three monkeys, you win up to 1000x your bet!

Watch out for the monkey symbols! Hit two on a payline, and the dandy monkey multiplies your winnings by a 9x multiplier!

Game details

The monkey is clearly the coolest and most popular creature in the jungle. When he walks by with his fancy sunglasses and coconut drink, all the other animals stare at him with admiration (and a little envy, to be perfectly honest). The monkey’s parties are so fantastic that everyone wants to be invited, but not everyone is worthy of the pleasure. The Monkey likes to call his parties “pure madness.”

The monkey has invited you to his party and wants to know your opinion about a slot game he created. So pack a pair of travel boots and some bug spray and get ready for a new adventure!

How to play

Monkey Madness is a classic 3-reel and 3-row video slot game. With 9 paylines, this slot promises you up to 181 times your total bet. You have to trust the monkey, he knows what he is doing.

This slot has a low volatility and an RTP value that is proudly set at 96.53%. The symbols of this game belong to the “cool kids” group:

  • Tribal drum- Pays 5.55 times your bet when you land 3 on a payline
  • Toucan bird – Pays 3.33 times your bet when you land 3 on a payline
  • Bananas – Pays 2.22 times your bet when you land 3 on a payline
  • Pineapple – Pays 1.33 times your bet when you land 3 on a payline
  • Coconut Drink – Pays 0.88 times your bet when you land 3 on a payline
  • Any pineapple, banana and coconut drink – Pays 0.44 times your bet when you land 3 on a payline

The wild symbol is a cool monkey with green square sunglasses and an arrogant grin on his face. This cool symbol pays 111,111 times your bet and can land on any reel.

How to win

The monkey symbol is the key to big wins in the Monkey Madness slot. Focus on landing as many wild symbols as possible and let the monkey do the rest.

The Wild Symbol Feature

The monkey symbol also has a special feature: it applies a certain multiplier that depends on the number of symbols you hit:

A wild symbol that lands in a winning combination applies a 2x multiplier to the win.
Two wild symbols landing in a winning combination apply a 9x multiplier to the win.

Bets and Wins

The game offers 9 active paylines and requires you to decide how many of the 10 coins you want to use and what their value is (up to €0.50). Although the minimum bet required to spin the reels can be set at just €0.09, there is the possibility of reaching €45 if you want, with €5 per line.

Access the bet menu by clicking on the (+) and (-) buttons on either side of the Spin button. The menu will open before your eyes and give you the option to change the coins per line, the coin value and the total bet. The choice is yours.


You can definitely feel the Baloo vibe of this slot from the first screen. There are huge green jungle leaves behind the reels. The reels themselves and the game table on the left side have a frame made of bamboo sticks tied together with ropes. When you hit a winning combination, the symbols on the reels and on the paytable light up with joy. There is also a yellow light that shows you the winning line that brought you the win.

The music consists of typical jungle sounds: delicate chirping of different types of birds and the cry of our monkey friend. When you press the “Spin” button, a few tribal accents are added to the wild atmosphere.


In Monkey Madness video slot, you need to focus on landing as many wild symbols as possible. This is the key to getting a big win. Remember that one or two monkey symbols can multiply your winnings by a 2x or 9x multiplier, while three monkey symbols will give you that sweet treasure worth 111x your bets.

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