Pragmatic Play – Tree of Riches – Free Slot Game

Stack the money bags in Tree of Riches, a 3×1 video slot. Wild symbols trigger the respin feature until you win, and when it lands, it multiplies your win up to 10x. This might just be the best tree in the world.

Get ready for an Asian-themed video slot that can reward you with big wins . With gold coins in all the right places, this game is sure to melt your heart.

Game Details

Remember how thoughtful and attentive Mr. Miyagi was with his bonsai tree? He based his philosophy of life on that tree. That’s the kind of affection you should have for our bonsai trees, because they can trigger this slot’s biggest jackpot, which is up to 2,880 times your bet.

The glowing bags of money symbols offer you the chance to win up to 28x, 58x or 88x your bet if you hit three of them on the screen. Be on the lookout for all the symbols, as they can bring you a little golden treasure.
How to play

Tree of Riches is a 3 reel, 1 line, 1 payline slot where you can win 2,880 times your bet.

This is a high volatility game with a payout percentage of 96.45% – because a winning player is a lucky player, and a losing player is just a player who hasn’t won yet.

Tree of Riches contains only a few symbols, but is powerful enough to change fortunes:

  • Green money bag – pays 28 times their bet for 3 on the payline.
  • Purple money bag – pays 58 times your bet for 3 on the payline
  • Red Money Bag – pays 88 times your bet for 3 on the payline
  • Money Trio – pays 5 times your bet if a green, red and purple money bag lands on the payline

The most valuable symbol is the wild symbol. It looks like a golden tree with coins instead of leaves and can substitute for all symbols. If 1, 2 or 3 symbols of the Golden Tree hit the reels, you will get a huge win of up to 288 times your bet.
How to win

The Multiple Win and Respin Features

This feature can be triggered when the wild symbol appears on the screen. There are 3 winning scenarios:

  • One golden tree symbol lands on the screen (The Multiple Win Feature) – if a wild symbol is part of a winning combination, there is a chance that your win will receive a random multiplier of 5x, 8x or 10x;
  • Two golden tree symbols land on the screen (respin feature) – when two wild symbols appear in combination with a gap on the reels, the gap will be spun with respins until a win is achieved;
  • Golden tree symbols land on the screen (hooray, jackpot win!) – this is the best scenario, as it can earn you 2,880 times your bet! To this we simply say “great”!

Stakes and winnings

The game allows bets between 0.01 and 50 euros. Activate any of the three winning scenarios and win a fortune worth 2,880 times your bet, making you our Tree of Riches.


The first screen shows the reels in a golden frame and a swaying bonsai tree adorned with gold coins basking in the bright sunshine. The paytable is on the same screen and shows all the winning combinations. The background looks like red velvet with a pattern of waves with an Asian style background. If you hit a winning combination, the money bags bounce up and down, spilling gold coins everywhere.

The game is accompanied by a beautiful and soothing music that completes the oriental landscape. When you press the spin button, a festive banjo sound fills your ears. Music really enriches life (and the game).

Land the multiplier win and the bonsai tree from the top of the screen shakes some coins onto your screen and an Asian themed music starts while the game counts your wins.


If you’re after substantial wins and don’t mind gold coins flying around, then this is the slot for you! With possible winnings of 2,880 times your bet, Tree of Riches can bring you all the treasures you desire! Just remember the words of Mr. Miyagi: “A man who wins in Tree of Riches slot can achieve anything”.

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