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The dragon’s lair is filled with gold coins and other treasures, and sunlight streams through the openings in the dimly lit cave. has flirted with this concept before, in their 2018 release, Aztec Gems. Dragon Kingdom Eyes of Fire is in many ways a follow-up title. However, it has one important difference and has to do with the game’s only bonus feature.

Like the previous title, Dragon Kingdom Eyes of Fire is all about the 4th multiplier reel on the right. However, the progressive feature adds a new dimension to the gameplay, which makes the two sister games stand out from the rest. You’re basically looking for dead spins here, at least until you reach the top level multiplier range. This creates a somewhat strange dynamic and you might feel like the main character in Groundhog Day after a while.

Dragon Kingdom Eyes of Fire Features

Multipliers are the name of the game, as this is all about progressives. You will see the Dragon Egg Multiplier reel on the right side of the 3 regular reels, and you need at least 4 non-winning spins to activate it. The more consecutive Dead Spins you land, the higher the multiplier range displayed on the Dragon Egg Reel. Here is an overview of how it works:

  • At least 4 dead spins result in a multiplier range of x2, x3 and x5 .
  • At least 9 dead spins result in a multiplier range of x3, x5 and x8 .
  • At least 14 dead spins result in a multiplier range of x5, x8 and x10.
  • At least 19 Dead Spins result in a multiplier range of x8, x10 and x15.
  • At least 25 Dead Spins result in a multiplier range of x10, x15 and x50.

When you finally get a win, the highlighted multiplier value on the center position of the Dragon Egg reel is applied to your total win. The number of boiling cauldrons on the dragon reel is reset to 1, and you need more than 4 losing spins to activate the dormant progressive multiplier feature again.

The 200 Spins Dragon Kingdom Eyes of Fire Experience

Our highlights video is only 3 minutes long this time, and we start right in the lead-up to our biggest win. Ironically, it came from the lowest possible multiplier of level 2, but we still landed a decent amount. We had a few more multiplier wins, but nothing too memorable happened in our 200 spins test session this time.


Dragon Kingdom Eyes of Fire follows in the footsteps of Aztec Gems, but has some important differences. Pragmatic has set up a clever little “trap” here to get people spinning in the hamster’s wheel, so to speak. It’s one of those games where you should root to lose spins, as this will eventually lead to a bigger multiplier win.

However, to win big here, you need to lose big first. While Aztec Gems offered random multipliers up to 15x, this game is all about the progressive multiplier ranges. The way it’s set up means that you’ll break even most of the time, which is also reflected in the low to medium volatility. You’ll spin and spin while not chasing that 50x multiplier as your bankroll is slowly but surely depleted by the standard 3.51% house edge.


Magical Atmosphere
Increase the multiplier range in the 5-tier dead spin system
Low to medium volatility and 1,250x maximum win potential


You can only win big by losing big first

Dragon Kingdom Eyes of Fire Slot FAQs

What is the payout percentage of Dragon Kingdom Eyes of Fire?

The game’s return to player of 96.49% is slightly higher than the industry average, but you can get a lower payout due to the RTP ranges. Available RTP values are 96.49%, 95.49%, and 94.49%.

How volatile is Dragon Kingdom Eyes of Fire?

The volatility here is low to medium, and you can expect to be more or less balanced on each dead spin cycle.

What is the biggest possible win?

You can win a maximum of 1,250 times your bet. However, this requires at least 25 dead spins first, and then you need to land a full screen of wilds combined with the top 50x multiplier.

How exactly does the progressive feature work?

The 4th multiplier reel rests until you reach at least 4 consecutive non-winning spins. From that point on, you are guaranteed at least a 2x multiplier on your next win. The multiplier range is from 2x to 50x, spread over 5 different levels. You need more than 25 dead spins to reach the highest level.

Is there a free spins mode in Dragon Kingdom Eyes of Fire?

No, this game is all about the progressive multiplier feature described above.

Can I play Dragon Kingdom Eyes of Fire for free?

Yes, you can always try out the Dragon Kingdom Eyes of Fire free demo game at the very top of this page (UK players must first verify age).

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