Pragmatic Play – Street Racer – Free Slot Game

Have you ever wondered about the science that goes into real-life street racing? This brand new slot from gives you the opportunity to take a look at the undercover illegal races and even join the groovy criminals. Street Racer offers not only a pretty interesting setting, but also authentic features that are sure to keep you in the right mood during the session.

The action takes place in Vegas, the world center of gambling and luxury. The semi-transparent grid is located in the middle of the night city, and the Vegas architecture, flooded with colorful lights and flickering neon, forms the backdrop. It’s a pretty sight, because Vegas only comes alive at night, as do the street races. You’ll be taken to the epicenter of illegal racing and have the opportunity to view a number of roaring sports and muscle cars preparing to step on the gas pedal and burn the tires at incredible speeds. The soundtrack is also on hand, as a relaxing yet energetic beat game as you spin the reels and pick up the pace as you hit the features.

The symbol collection consists of 9 regulars, divided into highs and lows. On the down side, we get 4 card suits including clubs, hearts, diamonds and spades. However, these have been given a touch of styling to add a touch of personality, and they actually fit the theme quite well. The less valuable ones are followed by 5 bonuses made up of 5 racers, namely Firefly, Alpha, Bolt, Ignite and Vapor, with the last one being the most rewarding among the regulars. There is also a wild symbol, which is represented by a stopwatch. However, it has no value of its own and only substitutes for other regular symbols. You need at least 3 instances of the same symbol in a single line to get paid, while the highest rewards are given for 5-of-a-kind combos.

  • Vapor – 10x the bet.
  • Ignite – 7.5x the bet.
  • Bolt – 5x the bet.
  • Alpha – 3.75x the bet.
  • Firefly – 2.5x the bet.
  • Hearts and Clubs – 1.25x the bet.
  • Spades and Diamonds – 0.6x the bet.

Street Racer – Technical Specifications

When it comes to technical aspects, Pragmatic Play has taken a straightforward approach and not made it peculiar. The game is played over a 5×4 grid with 40 fixed play modes. Street Racer is powered by a highly volatile math model. So don’t expect to be showered with wins, as you’ll have to show some patience while you wait for the wins. Pragmatic doesn’t help much, though, as the slot comes with a solid RTP of 96.52%, which is above the industry average. To watch the racers compete illegally, a minimum of $0.2 per spin is required. Meanwhile, the highest bet option reaches $100 per spin, offering a pretty wide range that appeals to both high-rollers and casual players with less risk. What could possibly be a bit frustrating is the maximum win potential, which is certainly a drawback of Street Racer. All you can hope for is 2,000 times the bet. Given the high volatility, you should think twice if Pragmatic’s creation is worth the risk.

Street Racer – Bonus Features

As far as features go, Street Racer has a decent feature set to keep you entertained during your gameplay session. The game is really all about free spins. A key to triggering the bonus is a scatter symbol. When 3 appear in a view, you get the valuable special bonus. After you land the required number of scatters, you will be presented with 5 options where you will have to choose a suitable rider for yourself. Each choice offers a different number of free spins and volatility levels. However, all options have one thing in common. Selecting a driver symbol significantly increases the potential by multiplying all winning combinations formed with the selected symbol by 5 times. You can check the list of available options below:

  • Steam. Has the highest volatility of 5 out of 5 and the lowest number of free spins, giving you only 8 bonus rounds.
  • Ignite. The volatility is set at 4.5 out of 5, and the number of free spins given is 9.
  • Stud. Comes with the medium to high volatility of 4 out of 5 and the free spins amount is set to 10.
  • Alpha. Slightly less volatility than the previous one, 3.5 out of 5, and the number of free spins is 11.
  • Firefly. However, the least volatile option is 3 out of 5, and the highest number of free spins – 12.

The potential of the game is focused on free spins. The maximum possible payout of the game is available only during the feature. The option with the highest volatility offers a maximum payout of 2,000x the bet. However, you have less chances to make this claim, as you only get 8 free games with this particular rider selection. The others offer lower prizes, with Ignite, Bolt, Alpha and Firefly available at 1,500x, 1,000x, 750x and 500x respectively.

The free spins bonus is actually a 5-round race. During the feature, a new special symbol is added to the reels – Nitro. The symbol is collective and you need 3 of them to complete the round and move on. Once all the required symbols are collected, you will proceed to the next round and get additional free spins and a symbol upgrade.

The 200 of Street Racer Experience

It’s been a while since we’ve seen something quality and potentially interesting. So, there was a lot of excitement in the air when we placed our bet at $2 and started our 200 spins adventure with the feeling of pure joy. Surprisingly, the base game didn’t feel like a dead spin simulator and even went the opposite way to what we expected. We managed to land wins quite often, but there were no big wins. The game is supposed to be very volatile, but it didn’t feel brutal at all and Street Racer proved to be a pretty generous title.

Although we were lucky enough to land successful spins fairly often, the lack of features really left the base game to be desired. We had known that the only extras to support and entertain us besides the free spins would be wild symbols, and it’s actually a bit disappointing as Pragmatic Play could have developed something interesting in Street Racer, but instead they decided to leave it to wilds.

Still, the free spins bonus showed up pretty quickly and didn’t lead to a nervous breakdown while we were waiting for the bonus to appear, as many of the high volatility games do. It suddenly happened on the 49th spin and things got hot pretty quickly. We couldn’t pick anyone but Vapor, so this option was the only one for us. We scored a couple of insignificant wins and finished the first round with the 3 bonus symbols. It had been when we were sighing in despair over the meager free spins rounds that we unexpectedly hit the jackpot of 100x and won $200!

We didn’t manage to land any free spins again and the last 150 spins actually felt like boredom, but we had a $20 surplus.

We didn’t manage to land any free spins again and the last 150 spins actually felt like boredom, but we had a $20 surplus.

Street Racer – Verdict

All in all, Street Racer by Pragmatic is a good choice for street racing fans, especially those who miss the old Need for Speed series. Top-notch cars, excellent graphics and breathtaking atmosphere will make you feel like a real street racer. However, the game has some drawbacks that really affect the overall impression, and therefore it turns out that the visual design is Street Racer’s main advantage. It certainly lacks features and the only way to get a decent win is through the free spins round. Moreover, a 2k exposure is not what you expect from a highly volatile slot when you take such a risk.

On the other hand, there aren’t that many options for quality slots with racing themes. This one is obviously a quality product, but not without a few issues. If you’re really into tuned and fast cars, Street Racer might not be such a bad choice after all.

Street Racer Slot FAQs

What is the return to player percentage of Street Racer?

Street Racer’s payback value is 96.52%, which is above the industry average. However, due to the RTP ranges, you can get a lower payback. Available RTP values are 96.52%, 95.50% and 94.50%.

How volatile is this slot?

The game is based on a highly volatile mathematical model, so don’t expect to be showered with wins, but thanks to a moderate hit rate, the wins do occur quite often, but you will need to exercise a high level of patience while you do it waiting for the big wins.

What is the maximum possible profit in Street Racer?

The maximum potential is rather meager for such a volatility level. You can hope for 2,000 times the bet in this title, which equals $200,000 for a single spin if you play with the maximum bet option available

What are the bonus features?

The game does not offer dozens of entertaining features and focuses on the free spins bonus game. Besides the free spins, there are wild symbols that help you land winning combinations

How does the free spins feature work?

It can be activated by landing 3 scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. Then you will get a selection option where you can choose 1 of 5 preferred modes, each with a different number of spins and a different volatility. During the round, you can get more free spins by collecting the N2O symbols.

Can I play Street Racer for free?

Yes, you can. Scroll up the page to find the game container and press the “Play for Free” button to try the demo version here at Esport.Directory!

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