Pragmatic Play – The Magic Cauldron – Free Slot Game

releases a grid slot every now and then, and The Magic Cauldron: Enchanted Brew is more like Play’n Go’s Reactoonz than their own classic Sweet Bonanza. The game is all about landing long cascades that trigger modifiers to keep your winning streak going. Maximize the modifier counter to end up with the most lucrative one, which can lead to a total win of up to 5,000 times your bet.

There is no bonus round to look forward to here, and the high volatility leads to longer slog sessions between modifier triggers. Gameplay runs smoothly, and the concept of mixing up an alchemical concoction that will hopefully make your session a lucrative effort has been thoroughly developed. Visually, the game is also solid, but you’ll need some patience to appreciate what’s on offer here.

Bonus Features in The Magic Cauldron: Enchanted Brew

The cluster payout engine combines well with the cascading wins mechanic. Whenever between 5 and 15 matching symbols are connected in a cluster, the winning symbols are removed from the grid and collected in the cauldron on the left. Symbols fall from the top to the bottom to fill the gaps and the process is repeated as long as you win.

You must collect at least 25 winning symbols in a single cascading sequence to highlight one of the 5 stars above the cauldron. Each star you highlight awards 1 random modifier in the queue. These are played at the end of cascading sequences to extend your winning streak.

If you manage to fill the star counter by collecting 125 winning symbols in a single sequence, you will first receive 4 random modifiers from the following list:

  • Befuddlement – Turns all high value symbols into low value symbols.
  • Invisibrew – Removes all low value symbols to trigger a new symbol case.
  • Enlarging Ale – Awards a randomly placed 3×3 or 4×4 mega symbol.
  • Balm of Transfiguration – Transforms all instances of a randomly selected low value symbol into a high value symbol.

The 5th modifier is randomly selected from 2 alternatives as follows:

Potion of Darkness – Removes all low value symbols and only high value symbols land for the rest of the episode.
Unicorn Dust – Awards 3 or 4 unicorn wilds that start with multiplier values of x1 or x2. The Wilds move per cascade and the multipliers increase by +1 when they are part of a winning combination. The multiplier can be up to 20x per wild.

In addition to the above, you also have some randomly triggered wild features. The Elixir Wild feature can randomly add between 4 and 8 Wilds to the grid after a certain non-winning spin. The Moon Seed Mark feature highlights random positions per spin with a blue frame. If you win with more than 5 marked positions, 2 Wilds are generated in the empty positions after the winning symbols are removed.

The 200 Spins The Magic Cauldron: Enchanted Brew Experience

It took a long time, but we managed to capture a long cascading session that took us all the way to a full star meter. The entire episode was included in the nearly 3-minute highlights video, and you can watch it by clicking the play button.

Rating Conclusion

The Magic Cauldron: Enchanted Brew has the same basic setting as Play’n Go’s megahit Reactoonz. There is no bonus round, so the game is all about generating long cascades. This again triggers modifiers that may take you all the way to the extended fifth modifier. If you come to this game expecting to be dazzled by a multitude of modifier actions paraded before your mesmerized eyes, you’ll be disappointed.

Most of the time you’re in for a pretty hard slog, with low value payouts and “close calls” that can be frustrating. It can easily take 50 to 80 spins before you see a single modifier, and even that is no guarantee of a bigger win. Overall, though, it’s a pretty solid grid slot, and the magic brew concept has been thoroughly developed. You just need to go into it with the right attitude, that’s all.


Winning symbols collection
Triggers 5 unique modifiers
2 random wild modifiers
Wins up to 5,000 times your bet


Not for impatient players

The Magic Cauldron Slot FAQs

What is the RTP of The Magic Cauldron: Enchanted Brew?

The RTP of 96.44% is slightly above the industry average.

How volatile is The Magic Cauldron: Enchanted Brew?

The volatility is high and you should be mentally prepared for longer slog sessions between significant modifier actions.

What is the biggest possible profit?

You can win up to 5,000 times your bet with a single cascading sequence. The yellow potion symbol with the highest value pays 500 times your bet for 15+ in a cluster.

How does the Progressive feature work?

You get 1 random modifier in the queue for every 25 winning symbols you collect in a single cascade sequence. There are a total of 5 slots in the queue, although the 5th modifier is randomly selected from 2 highest level options.

Is there a free spins mode in The Magic Cauldron: Enchanted Brew?

No, there is no bonus round in this game. It’s all about landing long cascades to maximize the modifier counter.

How does the cluster pays engine work?

You need to land 5 to 15+ matching adjacent symbols horizontally or vertically to win. There are no paylines, so you can land winning clusters anywhere on the grid.

Can I play The Magic Cauldron: Enchanted Brew slot for free?

Yes, you can try out The Magic Cauldron: Enchanted Brew free demo game at the very top of this page (UK players must have age verified first).

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