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Chemtech Drake, Jungle Companions, the return of Rod of Ages, and more! Let Phreak be your guide through the Jungle and major Preseason 2023 changes coming in Patch 12.22.

Read the Preseason 2023 Patch Notes:

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#LeagueofLegends Champion – Assassin Shaco.

Crafted long ago as a plaything for a lonely prince, the enchanted marionette Shaco now delights in murder and mayhem. Corrupted by dark magic and the loss of his beloved charge, the once-kind puppet finds pleasure only in the misery of the poor souls he torments. He uses toys and simple tricks to deadly effect, finding the results of his bloody “games” hilarious—and for those who hear a dark chuckle in the dead of night, the Demon Jester may have marked them as his next plaything.

#LeagueofLegends Teams – Invictus Gaming.

Invictus Gaming has regained its old continuity and class and poses a real threat to the tournament favourites. In 2012 the team was at its peak when they won The International. In the years that followed, the team went through a crisis. Many roster changes, many strategy changes – but nothing should really lead to the goal. The franchise Invictus Gaming also suffered from the ongoing lack of success.

#LeagueofLegends #Skins-Guide.

Riot used to be a bit more generous when it comes to free skins, but their success seems to have gone to their heads. Nevertheless, there are still a few ways to get free skins. Of course, we’ll talk about each of them.

#LeagueofLegends Item Guides- Divine Sunderer.

The #LeagueofLegends Item Guide series continues today with Divine Sunderer. You look into the item store and almost get an epileptic fit? All the bonuses, Legendary, Mythics, you can’t keep track of any more? Do you just want to go back to “the old days” when Lee Sin could still buy Sightstone?

LoL #LeagueofLegends – How to get on the #LeagueofLegends PBE server!.

Soon, the new patch will be released, and with it, interesting changes will find their way into the game. Usually this is the case every two weeks, but don’t you have enough of reading patch notes and downloading the update as soon as possible? Well, then the Public Beta Environment (PBE) is just the thing for you!

LoL #LeagueofLegends – Patch 12.01: All Buffs and Nerfs.

New year, new #LeagueofLegends. At least that’s what we’re hoping for. This year, there are a few changes in the Gap, such as two new dragons inspired by Piltover and Zaun, a new bounty system, and new items.With so many innovations, our heads are spinning. Stop for a moment. Okay. There are also a few things that have remained the same.

LoL #LeagueofLegends – Patch 11.23: Patch Notes Overview.

LoL Patch 11.23 is live! So there’s no more ranked this season, of course we hope you completed Season 11 satisfactorily and achieved all your goals. So now you can take the time to understand the billions of changes in #LeagueofLegends Season 12.

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Skarner Rework:

New passive: Kins of Crystal.

Crystals drop near Skarner when the condition is met. Each Crystal has a health bar (like wards or GP's barrel) with the amount of HP depends on the type of Crystal.
Crystals can only be attacked by Skarner, can interact with Skarner's E like normal non-champion enemies. Proc E on a Crystal deals 3 damage to it instead of 1.

Successfully breaking a Crystal will grant Skarner gold equals to its HP, and grants bonus effects:
– Crystal Particle (1 Hp): Has a 20% chance of dropping from nearby minions and small monsters, breaking it grants Skarner 5 permanent HP.
– Crystal Dust (2 Hp): Has a 100% chance of dropping from cannon minions and large monsters, breaking it grants Skarner 1 Armor and 1 MR permanently, every 10 Crystal Dusts collected grants Skarner 2% total Armor and Magic Resist.
– Crystal Shard (3 Hp): Has a 100% chance of dropping when nearby Red/Blue buff is secured by self or allies, breaking it grants Skarner 10 AD (Red) or 16 AP (Blue) and Create a Crystal Spire* for 20 seconds
– Crystal Chunk (5 Hp, Vanishes after 5 seconds) Drops from nearby dying Champions, breaking it grants Skarner 50g/75g/100g/125g and create a Spire area for 5/10/15/20 seconds at level 1/6/11/16.
– Crystal Monolith (5 Hp): Appears on current passive locations, each Monolith respawns after 5 minutes of being broken.
Breaking it creates a Spire area for 20 seconds, and create 5 random Crystals with the rate of (50% Particle, 30% Dust, 15% Shard, 5% Chunk).
– Crystal Spire* (1 Hp): Breaking it create a Spire area for 20 seconds which grants Skarner bonus
50/80/110/140 Move Speed,
50/80/110/140% Attack Speed,
0/5/10/15 Ability Haste,
And regenerates 4/6/8/10 Mana on-hit. (Each additional Spire overlay on the same area increases this effect by 20%, stackable).

Skarner's E and R grants him Spire bonus stats for the duration of the stun/surpress.

– – – – –
– Passive: Skarner's Claws have different sizes, on 2 sides of his front (two 1/4 corners at his front).
When on Blue Team, Skarner is right-handed with his Sharp Pincer on the right side and Sturdy Claw on the left side. Skarner is left-handed (reversed) on Red Team.
– Sharp Pincer: Taking damage from this side reduces Skarner's Movespeed and attack speed by 10/8/6/4%. Skarner deals 6/9/12/15% more damage to enemies on this side.
– Sturdy Claw: Skarner takes 5/10/15/20% less damage from this side. Skarner gains 4/10/16/22% Movespeed when there are nearby enemy champion(s) on this side.

– Active: For 6 seconds, Skarner covers his Front (2 front corners) with his Sturdy Claw, and fend his Back (2 back corners) with Sharp Pincer. Grants self an additional of 4/10/16/22% Movespeed, 25% Slow-resistant, and a 12% Hp shield.
Enemies colliding with his Sturdy Claw are pushed aside (pushed once each W cast per enemy).

Please get rid of the tower rubble impediments for ARAM. I know its supposed to "help" poke champs not get run down, but walls like that create funnel points that make it easier for aoe cc champs to pin ppl down. So now, temmo, shaco, VEIGAR, amumu, and etc all have it easier now. Any barrier or funnel point can be equally useful as it is detrimental, especially for poke champs. Its a very unneeded change and extremely annoying change.

Just read the Patch Notes and if Rito change Counter Jungling too much I think I'll be done with the game.

I can deal with change but there's a limit. Watching Trick2G counterjungling with Nunu and Udyr is what got me into Jungling in the first place. Without it, the game just wouldn't be the same for me.

After patch12.22 , I think Jungle is a tarouble point change, It's hard to make JG gap in the match.
Especially,exchanging Jungle Recource,It's let strategy too simple to us.
In red team,if we start at Blue Buff.
Just rush to Lv3 and go bot ganking
The enemy totally can't punish us

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