Prestige Winterblessed Warwick Skin Spotlight

This is a teaser spotlight of with ingame !
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Price: 1350RP

Skin name is CONFIRMED as , particles & SFX may not be final.
Check out the other skins in this cycle.

Full will be released in the near future which will go more indepth.

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00:00 Recall
00:16 Splash
00:21 Basics
00:29 Q Ability
00:47 W Ability
01:20 E Ability
01:35 R Ability
02:13 Crit
02:20 RIP

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40 Replies to “Prestige Winterblessed Warwick Skin Spotlight”

Just one issue that stands out, the effects at the corners of the screen during blood hunt are far too distracting.
It works in his base, a blue tone that's soft enough not to distract. But the pale gold and purples here don't fade out as softly and demand far too much attention. I genuinely feel that's something which would affect gameplay for me so yes, I think that's the top priority.

I do agree with many others it would be nice to have his ult indicator fall in line with the color scheme rather than being a strong red, though.

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