Professional left pregnant girlfriend

Magomed “Collapse” Khalilov is one of the best players of Steam endurance racer DOTA 2. With “Team Spirit”, the 19-year-old Russian won “The International 2021”, the huge world championship with a prize pool of over $40 million. But now accusations have surfaced that the 19-year-old cheated on his pregnant girlfriend and left her.

How big was the World Cup victory?

  • “The International” is the most lucrative e-sports event ever. “The International 2021” took place in Bucharest last October. 18 of the best DOTA teams in the world competed against each other from October 7 to 17, 2021.
  • A total of over $40 million in prize money was played for. The high prize money comes together because 25% of DOTA 2’s Battle Pass sales go into the prize pool. And DOTA 2 is a huge game on Steam.
  • Russia’s “Team Spirit,” which won the 2021 World Cup, bagged over $18 million in prize money. Even Putin congratulated on the victory. So Collapse, who plays in position 3 on the team, had a big payday. Position 3 is the so-called “offlaner,” which is supposed to screw up the opposing team’s tour.

Over 780,000 players gamble DOTA 2 on Steam – Does it benefit from the “Arcane Effect”?

Ex-girlfriend says pro changed drastically after World Cup win

What does his girlfriend accuse him of? A few days ago, an Instagram post by Collapse’s former girlfriend appeared in Russian.

She writes: Everything had been okay in their relationship until Collapse won the International. That, she says, “drastically changed” her boyfriend – they started arguing more often, he became more aggressive, also started “pushing her rough.”

Nevertheless, she had been happy for him because it had always been his dream to win the International. But now it became apparent that he was very different in the game than in life.

She had decided to go back to Kazakhstan for a while. Collapse had cheated on her and left within a week, although he knew that she was pregnant.

She writes that she never thought what kind of man he really was. However, she did not want to create any negativity or cause any pity now.

These were the reactions: The story was also shared on the English-speaking web via Twitter:

  • Many comments are along the lines of “money corrupts character”.
  • It is said that money turns “people into demons”.
  • Others say: There are also players like Topson, who won the International twice, and used the money to build a wonderful family.

Player says: situation was very different, but wants to take care of the child

This is how Collapse reacts: The player says the situation is quite different (via twitter). In fact, there had been a crisis in the relationship for a long time, he had tried to break up with her months ago, even before he knew that she was carrying his child. During that time, they had indeed often argued, but he had never become violent.

According to Collapse, they would have mutually agreed that they were too young to become parents and therefore wanted to abort the birth. But his girlfriend had continued the pregnancy in secret. Collapse reacted angrily to this – these chat messages were then posted by his ex-girlfriend. In the past, Collapse had already had to protect his girlfriend from harm because she was about to do something to herself.

Ultimately, however, Collapse says he agreed to take care of the child.

Collapse’s story is reminiscent of Sinatraa, one of the best Overwatch players of all time. He, too, faced accusations from his ex-girlfriend after a big win:

Blizzard distances itself from the former best Overwatch player in the world


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