PSG Esports Teams Up with Tundra for Rocket League

PSG has announced a new partnership with for the upcoming championship. This collaboration marks ’ latest team venture with another esports organization, as they continue to expand their reach in the world of competitive gaming.

PSG Esports’ Expanding Network of Collaborations

PSG Esports has been actively working to build its presence in the esports world, with collaborations with several other teams, including:

  • LGD in Dota 2 (PSG.LGD)
  • Team New Age in Fortnite (PSG.TNA)
  • Talon Esports in (PSG Talon)

The addition of Tundra to this list is yet another step in PSG Esports’ mission to be a top player in the industry.

The Partnership with Tundra

The partnership with Tundra is centered around the upcoming Rocket League championship. PSG Esports will be working closely with Tundra to develop and train a team for the tournament. The partnership is expected to bring together some of the most talented Rocket League players from around the world.

The collaboration between PSG Esports and Tundra is a promising one. Both organizations have a history of success in esports, and this partnership could result in some exciting new opportunities for both teams.

What This Means for Fans

For fans of PSG Esports, this partnership with Tundra is an exciting development. It means that PSG Esports is committed to expanding their reach and offering fans even more opportunities to engage with their favorite esports teams.

As PSG Esports continues to build relationships with other organizations, fans can expect to see more collaborations and partnerships in the future. This could result in more exciting tournaments, events, and other opportunities for fans to get involved with the world of esports.


PSG Esports’ partnership with Tundra is a significant development in the world of esports. It shows that PSG Esports is committed to expanding its reach and working with other organizations to achieve its goals. Fans can look forward to more exciting developments in the future as PSG Esports continues to make waves in the industry.


What is PSG Esports?

PSG Esports is a professional esports organization with teams in various competitive video games.

What is Tundra Esports?

Tundra Esports is an esports organization with a focus on Rocket League.

What is Rocket League?

Rocket League is a popular video game that combines soccer and driving.

When will the Rocket League championship take place?

The date for the upcoming Rocket League championship has not yet been announced.

What other collaborations does PSG Esports have?

PSG Esports has collaborations with LGD in Dota 2, Team New Age in Fortnite, and Talon Esports in League of .

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