Rainbow Six Siege randomly starts ban countdown

Rainbow Six Siege randomly starts ban countdown

A bug is currently making life difficult for players of Rainbow Six: Siege on Xbox. Anyone who doesn’t die before the countdown expires is kicked. Even a temporary ban is possible. MeinMMO tells you how you can avoid a ban.

Which bug are we talking about? In Rainbow Six: Siege, Xbox players are currently in danger of being kicked out of the current match. The reason for this is a bug.

The bug causes the game to start the so-called inactivity countdown. When this countdown expires, the affected player is kicked out of the current match.

Those who fail to rejoin the lobby before the end of the match will receive a temporary ban.

Videos can be seen on Reddit of players even getting kicked out of ranked matches. A proposed solution from the community is that the death of the character interrupts the countdown.

A Reddit post showing the bug can be seen here:

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These measures will protect you: If you are affected by the bug, there is an effective protective measure that provides immediate relief.

Before the countdown ends, your character must die. This immediately interrupts the timer, since knocked-out players cannot be kicked for inactivity in Rainbow Six: Siege. You must still be alive to be kicked out.

How your character dies is up to you. For example, you can run laughing into a buzz saw, correct, an assault rifle of your opponent. If the option is available in your situation, death by falling damage would also be an alternative.

Of course, explosive gadgets like nitro phones, C4 or grenades will also work. If all this is not possible, one of your fellow players will surely be willing to help.

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What are the consequences of the bug? Players who don’t know the protection measures have to expect a kick. This happens automatically after the 10-second countdown expires.

In many cases, there is an option for the affected player to rejoin the current match. However, experience has shown that this function occasionally does not work.

Also, it may be that the match ends before the rejoining. This is possible if a player wants to re-enter during a match that already determines winners and losers.

Should this be the case, then the player will even face a temporary ban. This can last from a few minutes, over several hours up to a few days.

The length of the ban depends on how often a player has already received the so-called termination penalty during a certain period of time.

Bugs are not uncommon. Sometimes they are extremely annoying. In other examples, they make you laugh. But even though bugs definitely influence the fun of the game, they rarely determine the identity of a game

It doesn’t matter if we look at Destiny and or Rainbow Six: Siege and Valorant – none of these games are distinguished by their bugs. The games become what they are because of factors like the gameplay or the community.

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