RAMATTRA HAS ARRIVED | Overwatch2 (- Season 2)
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32 Replies to “RAMATTRA HAS ARRIVED | Overwatch2”

the fact that vortex has limited horizontal hitbox range is the dumbest thing about the whole design.
it was advertised as skill to pull flying heroes from the sky – when they're at most 3 meters above the ground… so u can make phara stay on the ground when u fight her in close quarters inside some building or smth – that happens often lol

I hate how blizzard changed the game
No loot boxes
Pay money for skins
Pay money for heroes
And change the characters abilitys so nobody wants to play them

I remember when Junker Queen came out I just saw a bunch of recycled abilities, now we have Ramattra… same block as doom and his “slow” is just lower dps level form of sojourn’s; I’m also seeing how much Blizzard is just putting slow affects to avoid putting CC in the game

The amount of idiots using his ult just surprises me. Punch! Don't just sit there and block. Only block when you're taking massive amounts of damage. You're just missing out on the extra damage you can dish out on top of the AoE damage it already has.

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