Ramping for the TOUGH | Runeterra

Thank you to TheLegendXXVII for uploading this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQcSZTDFLps

Lord Eldred, Mageseeker Leader! I always felt like he could be one of the best meta counters currently so I wanted to try him out, he is actually super fun to play! I decided to pair him with ramp and Warmothers. There is obviously 1 Aram also 😉 If you enjoyed the video, please leave a like, subscribe to my channel and leave a comment down below, it would mean the world to me ♡

UwU counter in this video: 1
Can you find it? 😉


00:00 Deck
01:37 Game 1
04:55 Game 2
11:59 Game 3
25:01 Game 4

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Big content creators like Snnuy, Mogwai, GrappLr, MajinBae, Alanzq and freshlobster all love LoR. May it be Ranked, Seasonals, showcasing the best decks or new decks, deck guides or new events, we all share the same passion. I started playing this game because I love #LeagueofLegends and of #Runeterra is based on Champions from LoL. Thank you #RiotGames for this amazing digital collectible card game ♡

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#LeagueofLegends Champion – Assassin Tryndamere.

Fueled by unbridled fury and rage, Tryndamere once carved his way through the Freljord, openly challenging the greatest warriors of the north to prepare himself for even darker days ahead. The wrathful barbarian has long sought revenge for the annihilation of his clan, but more recently he has found companionship with Ashe, forging an alliance of marriage with the Avarosan warmother. His almost inhuman strength and fortitude are legendary, and have delivered him and his new allies countless victories against the greatest of odds.

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I call it "Langschiff Ramp into ultra stats Seju", it's kinda a meme deck, wanna try it? You can rebuild it. CQBQEAIBBQZAEAQBAIFAMBIKA4H2AANBAGRADJABAIAQEAIIAICQUDUYAEBQCAQBBEAQKCQXAICQCAIC

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