Release date of FUT Ratings – FIFA 23

Rightly fans ask themselves when the new FIFA 23 FUT Rating will be released. Here you should remember a date exactly. The release of FIFA 23 is not far away. While the top leagues of European professional soccer are slowly resuming play, the virtual images of the stars are still in hiatus. The release of FIFA 23 is on September 29th and all FUT ratings can be viewed earlier. We show you when and where you can see the FIFA 23 ratings.


Name of the game FIFA 23
Release (date of first release) September 29
Publisher (Editor) Electronic Arts
Series FIFA
Platforms PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, Google Stadia
Developer EA Sports
Genre Soccer simulation

FIFA 23: When will the new FUT ratings be released?

Suspected rating release: As mentioned at the beginning, EA will release FIFA 23 on September 29. Through EA Play, you can already play a week earlier. Until you get to know the official ratings of all FUT players, it will take less time. A look at the last FIFA parts shows when you can expect approximately all new FIFA 23 ratings. With the example of FIFA 22 it is easy to see when you can expect the release of the FIFA 23 ratings. Last year all FUT ratings were released on September 13th. FIFA 22 was released two weeks later. Our guess when the FIFA 23 ratings will be released is September 15th.

FIFA 23: Where can you see all FUT ratings? Known websites at a glance

Look up FUT ratings hereTo be well prepared for the start of FIFA 23, we recommend three different FUT websites. The first one is The probably best known FIFA website, offers beside a comprehensive FUT database and squad builder, a constantly updating live price of the cards. This is perfect for FIFA 23 trading. For FIFA nostalgics Futhead offers itself. Even if the community is not so active here anymore, you can examine all past FUT cards of a FIFA 23 player with a few clicks. Last but not least there is, which offers a detailed squad builder and an interesting FUT draft simulator.

FIFA 23: This is the composition of the FUT ratings

Rating composition in FUT: Since the introduction of FIFA Ultimate Team more than a decade ago, there are discussions about how the ratings of FUT cards are composed. So you don’t ask yourself the same question when FIFA 23 is released, we bring some light into the darkness. Beside the six main attributes, which are shown on the FUT card of a player, there are 29 more attributes, which have influence on the overall rating of a FUT player. In addition, good dribbling skills are more effective for a good rating for an offensive player than for a defender. The first 20 ratings of FIFA 23 are already known.


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