Rengar On Steroids – LoL Moments Ep. 32

Rengar On Steroids

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Elosanta :
KaizermordeLoL :
Horsey :
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Dantes :

00:00 Arsend
00:13 Dzukill
00:25 Elosanta
00:41 KaizermordeLoL
01:07 Horsey
01:27 Haderrq
01:44 Tyler1
02:02 Rush
02:15 SloppyWalrusX
02:28 iljimaeLoL
02:42 JohnnyFastTV
02:58 LoLlunderjack
03:18 Theimmoral_one
03:40 Baus
04:03 SauliusLoL
04:25 Nemesis
04:41 Lourlo
05:00 LoLgeranimo
05:26 Noarmwhatley
05:42 SloppyWalrusX
05:59 Body_Those_Fools
06:14 Tyler1
06:28 Nexuh
06:48 PinkWard
07:01 Muwasame
07:09 SloppyWalrusX
07:22 Dragdar_
07:32 Tyler1
07:42 Broxah
07:55 Dabgren
08:16 Dantes
08:29 Outro

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Finally, this retard Dantes wears some clothes. But still, either he has a braindead hardstyle on the font, or some dumbass joke, which makes HIM laugh. Being upset by stopwatch while maining 1 button champ. I will never fully understand europeans..

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