Riot Games (LoL) acquires shares in Arcane makers

Riot Games (LoL) acquires shares in Arcane makers

The Netlix series Arcane is known to be one of the best things ever made in the field of animated series. It is therefore not surprising that those responsible at Riot Games would like to intensify the cooperation with the responsible studio Fortiche Production in the future – with the acquisition of a minority share and an advisory role on the supervisory board.

The Netlix series Arcane is known to be among the best ever made in the field of animated series. Contradiction is futile (or so it seems). At least the enormous success of the first season proves us right. But even though the series revolves around the Runeterra universe from League of , it’s not just developer Riot Games behind the implementation. In fact, the French animation studio Fortiche Production is responsible for Arcane.

Intensified partnership for the future

Fortiche Production and Riot Games have been working together on projects for many years. The beginning was made in 2013 with the music video “Get Jinxed”. Later followed productions such as Warriors and Enemy. Currently, both companies are working together on the second season of Arcane as well as other projects not yet announced.

So in the future, they want to intensify the previous cooperation. It also fits that Riot Games has recently acquired a minority share in Fortiche and will henceforth take an advisory role in the supervisory board.

“Working with Riot Games in general and on Arcane in particular has made Fortiche Production a major new player in the international animation scene. Riot Games, through its trust, has given us the opportunities to achieve our common goals and has shown that it is possible to bring new content to a wider audience. The year 2023 marks the tenth anniversary of our collaboration: there is no better way to illustrate the trust and ambition of our two companies than through this partnership!”, say Pascal Charrue, Jérôme Combe and Arnaud Delord, founders of Fortiche.

The achievements of Arcane

The animated series Arcane landed at #1 on the charts worldwide when it debuted on Netflix in November 2021 and defended that position for three weeks, making the Top 10 in over 52 countries and receiving one of the rarest ratings on Rotten Tomatoes: 100%.

The series also recently received nine nominations for the 49th Annie Awards, making it the TV series with the most nominations of the year, including “Best TV/Media General Audience,” “Best Character Design” and “Best Writing.” “Enemy,” the Imagine Dragons’ single from the original soundtrack, has been streamed over 1 billion times and has reached #1 on the Billboard Rock chart.


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