Riot & You Disagree About Valorant

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#Valorant Agent – Jett.

What makes Viper’s poison? What tricks can Omen use? And what is the most effective way to play Jett? Our #Valorant Agent Guide reveals it. We give an overview of each agent skill and how to best use them. All in easy-to-digest , one #Valorant character at a time. Today it’s the turn of a special lady: Jett.

Das 100 Thieves Invitational mit Shroud und Team TimTheTatman.

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Patch Notes – #Valorant skips patch 2.10.

#RiotGames has announced that #Valorant will not be receiving a Pcth 2.10, instead going straight to 2.11. Here’s why that is and when the next #Valorant update is expected.

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#Valorant is a free-to-play multiplayer first-person developed by #RiotGames. It is the first game developed by #RiotGames in this genre. The game was first announced in October 2019 with the code-name Project A. It was released for Windows on June 2, 2020. It was originally scheduled for release in the summer of 2020. A closed beta launched back on April 7, 2020, and participation for the closed beta was done by sending game-keys for watching live streams of the game on the video platform Twitch (so-called “Twitch Drops”). The Twitch account had to be connected to the #RiotGames account for this. #Valorant left the beta phase on June 2, 2020.

37 Replies to “Riot & You Disagree About Valorant”

I like this video a lot especially the first half about sentinels since the chamber nerf I’ve been playing a little more cypher and I find it better on offense to use his trips and stuff for post plant vs watching flank the whole time and use cam for that mostly

I agree with the Harbor being underused and not understood well yet. His kit is very versatile and can be used in many situations. Its just that we don't fully know yet how to proper utilize him. As suggested, we honestly would like to have the slow debuff to be exclusive to enemies rather than universal so it would be clear for the Harbor Team to have an advantage when the wall is up because even if the slow is miniscule, you have to know that entering and exiting the smoke is that the outsider can see you faster than you getting out of it and the slow just makes it a bit more advantageous for the one holding the angle (Well I kinda see the idea to punish the aggressor but we have utility to back it up so its on a weird spot whether we take the slow or no). Great video as always TMV!

Edit: I kinda agree on the Cove usage of maybe a one-way or an information ability but I would personally see the ability as like Jett Cloudburst. I see it to pressure enemies into pushing or spamming it and in that moment, you can close to distance and get a kill with a shorty or any gun in particular that is strong in close range. I see Cove as something of a contest area, it forces the enemies to focus on it by gunning it down or they take the space the dome created to close the gap. Its pretty interesting on how we have different views of his ability.

i see harbor the same way i see seer in apex legends.

when seer was released, he had a hotfix change upon launch to remove a gamebreaking ability, and after that everyone kind of decided that he was ass and not worth playing. the community got really mad that he didn't get any balance changes or buffs, but then without any sort of changes, one pro team started playing him in their comps really effectively, and he exploded from there. there were a couple months there where every single team had a seer on it, and at this point, most teams still do.

they didn't change him. people just learned how to play him. and the devs said that they knew he had that potential and that's why he was never buffed. harbor just needs a valorant version of HisWattson to figure out how to play him right imo

another good way to use cove is to just right click it infront of you as your going to swing it takes time to get the timing but if you can time it so you can pop a couple shots before t goes up it just gives you a free swing that cant really be punished

Harbor is similar to raze. If an immensely high skill floor and ceiling character like raze was added today rather than as an og agent almost everyone would probably consider her trash until people eventually started to learn her satchels. Same as harbor. But i feel that they should first buff him a lot first to incentivize his player rate so that people will actually be motivated to explore, and then gradually nerf him back when people start to really learnhis abilities

I just don't like how the inside smoke in the cove disappears it doesn't make visual sense. You shoot the shield but why does the smoke disappear? Its aesthetics just feel rlly off and rubs me the wrong way. It would totally be too powerful if its smoke stayed it would just be a super powerful dome smoke

I think that the dome smoke is used as a safety measure when a team want to rush in to a site. It should be used as a "shield" inside other smoke rather than a real "smoke"

I’m glad to see the devs saying this. I thought I was missing something because I really DON’T want Harbor’s cove to stay as a smoke after it’s broken. I often break it myself to kill an enemy on the other side because it gives me a great way to safely get into an unexpected position and win that gun fight

Harbor is the worst agent on release. He has no utils to stop a push on defense. His wall also slows his teamates. The cove is a discount sage wall and. He can't support teamates on the other side of the map. He is a trash version of Viper.

I haven’t seen any play style with harbor except his smoking ability. Every agent should have something unique they bring differently to their team comp. I suggest making harbor an anti lineup agent by having his bubble ability deflect not only bullets but utility. Like a weaker sage wall.

Harbor is op as a smoker imo, but just not something worth playing ever in ranked unless ur a 5 stack, even in 5 stack he is mssing key elements, he simply has no util other than smokes and all of his util is really just attacker sided 0 post plant, 0 defense. He needs something like a molly, grenade or even a flash or a more reusable one way type smoke. His wall is horrible for defense because unlike viper he cant be anywhere on the map and turn it off and on, he has no good one ways like all the other smokers, he has no lineups for post plant or delay on defense. His orb with the shield could be the answer, rn tho its just too expensive for a one time usage oneway…

In terms of harbor, I feel like I’m quite well with him but have yet to master his util, his bubble is still something I yet to find a good or better use for other then defusing or defending kayo or rez

wow, finally devs of a game that have ground to stand and actually smarter than the player, it is really frustrating to have a community that is not willing to adapt and learning

Devs are delusional. They nerf or buff using soloq winrate, not even considering the playrate of the agent. That's why we see so many sage nerfs because it is used in low elos a lot because of the heals and new player friendly (while skye heal is as strong). Harbor does not fill any role in the game while Viper exists and offers so much more. Coincidence that they nerf viper and buff Harbor in the same patch? Hmmmm..

In my opinion, the best possible way to buff harbor without making him broken is to remove the slow on his big wall (E), and make the slow o. The cascade a little longer so the cascades have more stopping power to prevent pushes. That way teammates don’t complain about the wall slowing them and harbor won’t have to worry about slowing himself after casting. And the main complaint about him being a bad controller for stopping pushed is addressed. Literally the BEST way.

Jett was considered trash when the game came out and once players got a hang of her… She needed multiple nerfs to bring her to normal. Viper was trash till that one buff and till now she's needed more and more nerfs to bring her down. I guess the devs think that it'll be similar with Harbour, and I kinda do agree. Harbour's mechanic seems WAYYYY complex for people to understand him yet. There's too much to learn and work through and once its done, I think he'll be in at least high B or low A

To be honest for me it is not the abilities, the problem for me, are the other champs that alredy exists on the game.
This for ME, makes his kit really lame and boring to play, his gameplay is not fun, and i had been playing since the beta, and tbh the best champ realise, when it comes to the kit, champ, and lore, to me is Astra.

Srry if it is not clear i am a spanish speaker not a english guy.
Nice video, still the chamber case is worse than zeri in league.

If Harbor's shield has a thought put into to use it a certain way, why not share that way with the community? Maybe explain what you thought when making it what it is now? It is not a great smoke like Astra's, Brim's or Omen's, it is not a great shield like Sage's wall. It is something in the middle, a weird child. The only good use of it now is to half defuse a spike.

The whole point of harbors kit is to be different, he uses his smokes a lot more differently than other characters, plus he would usually be played with another controller to bring out his kit more, chamber nerfs are perfect, and I'm surprised people are shocked at his changes, devs also tend to change the game more for pro play, but not sure if riot are doing so. But take the chamber nerfs as is, makes sense and chamber is now not "broken"

I'm not gonna lie, the title is kinda misleading. It gives the impression that the developers aren't listening and have a totally different idea of what Valorant should be, not that they disagree with the tide of casuals who don't know what they're talking about

Personally i always thought of harbors bubble as more of a sage wall that can be deployed at range but can be walked through and doesn't last as long. It stops vision and bullet spam so it should be used in a simmilar manner you don't really wanna sage wall where ppl will just spam it then it's useless.

The sage and harbor duo will be like viper and astra.

Imagine both sage wall and harbor cove placed together to defuse its guaranteed

These both abilities are going to be paired together when meta arrives

Harbor is better than people think but he's far from good I would say. He essentially can only smoke while the other controllers all have abilities that can help themselves or teammates get kills outside of just their smokes. i.e brim molly/stim, viper Molly, Omen blind and Astra suck and stun. These all are helpful on attack and slowing pushes on defense. Harbor can't compete with any of them in that regard on a consistent basis as his ult is the only thing taat compares. Sure his wall is versatile but it is extremely limited because he must be in a specific location to properly cut off power angles. Same with his cascade as it can only be pushed forward with one orientation. There are some unique scenarios he can create but overall his positioning to use his abilities most effectively is too limited as he can't offer too much more for his team other than vision blocking.

I didn't think anyone did use the Harbor bubble thing as a smoke, at least not like a conventional one but sometimes like a Jett smoke to quickly block vision instead of for a long time. Usually I see people using it like a Sage wall to either block off an angle in a gunfight or to give some cover to defuse or at least half/finish defusing. I think this was what we all thought when it first came out was not that it was a smoke but a shield, just big enough to say, put on top of the bomb and give a bit of extra cover. That was what I thought it would be best for at least until I tried it and it got shot after 3 bullets from a vandal. Now I don't know what it's good for, feels like a flashbang in cs, when you don't have a smoke and you won't get 30 seconds of vision denial then you can at least get 3 lol. I say this because it feels like there is some glaring purpose it MUST be for which we are all just missing.

The one way idea you had, all I can say is it was a valiant effort like you really REALLY tried to give the benefit of the doubt with it but I just can't see such a niche and focused piece of utility whene every other agent in the game has 2 bits of util with almost infinite uses for information, damage, space etc asides from their main purpose. This orb feels so specific to the spike. I can't really realistically picture any non improvised uses, say when it's a 1v1 and you use it like a shield to save yourself but this isn't something you're going to be finding lineups for. There must be a real reason. As for Harbor as an unpopular agent I think if they keep changing him all the time he will never be accepted, they need to let people get used to him and learn how to use him first so they can get comfortable, like Astra who is used a fair amount now but had a big sort of hype use when she came out before never being used again until now.

8:17 the downside to that idea of a one way is defenders just have to play back a bit and now they see under the smoke, giving them the advantage to spray feet and such

I rarely find myself using Cove for Default anymore and now spend more time blocking LoS on weird angles and also plant at weird spots. Combined with either wall, and the enemy might get confused where the spike is and assumes it's either in the Cove or Default.

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