Rocket League Live: Fortnite map

The developer of “Rocket League” – Psyonix – has been part of the large Epic Games family since 2019, which has already led to several collaborations between the autoball simulation and “Fortnite”. Epic wants to take advantage of the synergy between the two brands to bring the grand finale of the RLCS – which stands for “Rocket League Championship Series” – to compete. The battle for the world championship has already been running since August 4, 2022, and will continue until August 15 – with 24 teams, it takes a while to separate the wheat from the chaff. The promo start in “Fortnite” was August 9. This day marked the start of the group stage at the tournament at the Dickies Arena in Fort Worth, which is located in the US state of Texas.

RLCS pack watching in Fortnite

So what exactly does this collaboration look like? Enter the Rocket League Live map in “Fortnite” to watch in-game autoball action on the big screen with other users. To do this, there are “Fortnite” matches in Team Rumble mode, which provides you with upgrades depending on the results in the RLCS. At the beginning of a match, you select the team that you think will win the current RLCS match and can look forward to a power-up if your prediction is correct. Otherwise, you’ll have to deal with strengthened opponents.

Special orders accompany the game mode and allow you to unlock various cosmetics for “Fortnite”.

“Fortnite” Rewards:


  • Back accessory “Rocket League Trophy”
  • Rocket Royale hang glider
  • Emoticon “Great shot!”
  • Golden Goal” spray paint emoticon

Rocket League: New promo code for RLCS finals

In addition, there is a new promo code for “Rocket League” that will earn you free items there. Enter the code “RocketLeagueLive” under “Settings”, “Extras” and “Redeem Codes” in “Rocket League” to get the following cosmetics:


  • Banner “Neon Runner
  • Roof attachment “Hustle Brows
  • Wheels “Aero Mage
  • Anthem “RLCS


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