Season 2 has date! New spells with break through affix

Season 2 has date! New spells with break through affix

Blizzard developers revealed new info about the upcoming : Ressurrected patch on September 15, 2022. Important: The new ranked season will start in October. Also important: There are six new giant spells with the keyword “Breakthrough”.

On the public test server of Diablo 2: Resurrected something has happened again! Firstly, there was an update for the end of the test phase (PTR goes offline on September 19 at 19:00) and the start of the second ladder season:

“The flames of the Burning Hells have foretold the future, Heroes: Ranking Season 2 begins on October 6. Additional information about Ranked Season 2, including the release schedule, will be posted in a future blog for Diablo II: Resurrected. We can’t wait for players to begin the race for masses of experience and loot as they slaughter demons and climb the leaderboard!”

New spells with breakthrough

Besides the already presented terror zones the Blizzard designers have now announced another innovation for D2R that will bring a breath of fresh air into the meta. There will be six new giant spells that will provide you with the new keyword “Breakthrough. “This keyword means that the resistance of a monster with immunity to a certain type of damage is lowered to 95%, regardless of the original percentage. Thus, the immunity is broken and they can take damage of that type.”

With the spells, Blizzard wants to strengthen all builds that previously had no way to remove immunities from monsters on Hell difficulty. You can find the new spells on monsters in terror zones with Rare, Unique, or Champion difficulty levels. However, the spells also come with a drawback: “While they lower a monster’s resistance, they also lower your resistance to the same element, allowing you to take more damage of that type.”

Here is the list of new spells:

  • The Black Breach: The magic immunity of monsters is broken / magic resistance -50 %.
  • The bone fracture: Physical immunity of monsters is broken / Physical damage taken increased by 25%.
  • The Cold Rift: The cold immunity of monsters is broken / cold resistance -75 %.
  • The sky crack: Lightning immunity of monsters is broken / Lightning resistance -75%.
  • The flame fissure: Fire immunity of monsters is broken / Fire resistance -75%.
  • The rot gap: Poison immunity of monsters is broken / Poison resistance -75%.

What else has happened on the PTR of Diablo 2: Resurrected, you can read in the official German patch notes from Blizzard.

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