SEN Tarik reacts to Valorant NEW 3 Sites MAP *LOTUS* | Revelation Cinematic | Valorant Patch 6.0

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SEN #Tarik reacts to #Valorant NEW 3 Sites MAP *LOTUS* | REVELATION Cinematic | #Valorant Patch 6.0


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The best #Valorant agents against campers.

Let’s face it, campers exist in every online shooter. You’ll encounter them in ##CSGO, Call of Duty, and even #Valorant. After all, Riot’s title is a tactical shooter and strategy plays a big role. Camping isn’t necessarily wrong, it’s just frustrating to play against.

VCT 2022 Stage 1 Masters Reykjavik: Teams, Format & Schedule.

The first VCT Major of the year will start soon and once again we will see the very best #Valorant gameplay. This time in the Icelandic capital Rejkjavík. Here we have summarized everything you need to know.

#Valorant Weapon Guide: Classic.

Our #Valorant Weapon Guide series continues with the last pistol in the sidearm category in #Valorant. Today we’re taking a closer look at the Classic. It packs a punch and it’s cheap, but is it worth your time?

#Valorant Weapon Guide: Bucky.

We have already discussed the snipers, rifles, and sidearms in #Valorant. Now it’s time for the real underdogs – the shotguns. The Bucky is the first shotgun on our list and it’s quite versatile. Here’s a quick look at the Bucky’s stats:

Patch Notes – #Valorant gets a surprising ranking update.

Just yesterday we saw Spencer “#Hiko” Martin from ’ #Valorant team call the game’s ranking system garbage. Today, #Valorant got a surprise competitive update that brought some changes. Coincidence?

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#Valorant is a free-to-play multiplayer first-person shooter developed by #RiotGames. It is the first game developed by #RiotGames in this genre. The game was first announced in October 2019 with the code-name Project A. It was released for Windows on June 2, 2020. It was originally scheduled for release in the summer of 2020. A closed beta launched back on April 7, 2020, and participation for the closed beta was done by sending game-keys for watching live streams of the game on the video platform Twitch (so-called “Twitch Drops”). The Twitch account had to be connected to the #RiotGames account for this. #Valorant left the beta phase on June 2, 2020.

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