She Ruined League of Legends

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Every new champion releases changes , giving players the tools to redefine how the game is played.

But sometimes, the more distinctive a playstyle, the more frustrating it is to play against.

And few characters are more frustrating than Yuumi.

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36 Replies to “She Ruined League of Legends”

There's so much you can do on an enchanter support that attaches to allies than just permanently attached them to their carries. Onmyoji Arena has literally have the same type of shiki which is Mushishi. Both first skill is a poke, 2nd skill is to attached to allies, 3rd skills buffs teammates movespeed. The few key difference on what makes Mushishi enjoyable to play unlike Yuumi even tho at the face value they looks like just the same is.

1. You can't just hover around to your allies from another allies with Mushishi's 2nd, you need to get off first and the ability will cd a little before you can attached yourself to your allies again.

2. Mushishi's play style isn't just attached to your allies and poke a skill buff etc. You can do so much on her even tho you didn't attached yourself to your allies. Her 1st skill instead of a poke, when you're not attached to your any allies it's a small dash with a little cc. Her 3rd skill instead of a movespeed buff and shield to allies, it's a ms buff to you and when you run over to an enemy they got a little damage. Unlike yuumi wether you attached yourself or not she plays the same way as she does except you can't target her when she attached herself to allies.

3rd. I think the biggest key difference on Mushishi and Yuumi is their ss. While they're both enchanter support their ss is very different. WHile yuumi's ss is a damage cc type, mushishi's ss is an exactly opposite one which is a no damage ss and completely removes any cc effects on the allied you're attached to.

Onmyoji knows that having a hero that can't be targetable for almost an entire game is a boring and not balanced as it is. So even tho Mushishi is literally inspired by yuumi at face value, they both play different thsn each other. One is a fun to play and fun to play against with, the other one is boring asf to play and not fun to play against with

Edit: and i forgot to mention Mushishi's heal isn't just an insta heal, her poke skill, when you damage an enemy or units will heal your allied your attached on base on the damage your poke skill dealt with the problem is it's so hard to control that sometimes that skill when not use well can literally just become a useless skill at all

as someone who doesnt play leauge at all but after getting sucked into this video via my youtube recommended I have a probably really terrible idea on how they could balance her

why dont they instead just giving her blanket invulnerability just make it so she either
tanks a bit of the damage the champion shes linked to takes so its more easy to focus fire on to Yuumi
or change from absolute invulnerability instead just make it like a sorta super armor a really big damage reduction and CC duration reduction

take this with a grain of salt because I dont play league thats just my probably really dumb suggestion

They had absolutely no problem straight up deleting my boy Aatrox. And he was actually fun to play. But this? A stupid cat? 0 counterplay. Boring as hell for everyone involved. Giga op or completely useless. No they're going to die on that hill.

She’s hated because she is uninteractive. Untargetability is an unfun mechanic in general (its why fizz e is hated). At least abilities that enable it have cooldowns so there are windows of opportunity. Yuumi hits one button and you could potentially never damage her all game. It also heavily enables bots

Yuumis attach just needs to be like every other buff in the game, and HAVE A TIMER. Pandering to a feminine audience, and encouraging ignoring the MACRO of the game is factually a bad idea, and IS ruining the game.

Honestly new champs have been degenerate since Kayne. The only one that seems to be pretty balanced is KeSante, which means he will be ignored for cracked champs like Aatrox and other Eclipse/Death's Dance/Sunderer champs.. Then they'll overtune him (just like they did with Taliyah)

League needs to stop with new champs, for a year or two, and rebalance the game around a "season of X" so play remains fresh by focusing on tanks one season, casters the next, etc AND qol for the existing champions (especially older ones) so that certain champs aren't simply obsolete beyond being grossly better than your opponent just to break even.

Nothing in the game should be without counter, the fact the only way to get her off someone is to kill that person is no a counter. Then they as Moonstone to the game and she's literally just healing the fuck out of everyone. They need to simply add a new mechanics that a few champs will have that can remove yuumi from the person she's on, I had hopes that Renata's ult was going to do this but that didn't happen. They should make her take a percentage of the damage the person she's sitting on takes and then make her heal not heal herself as long as she's monted

It should also say that's she attached to a champion. Cause randomly fighting someone In jungle bush, win the fight and suddenly instantly a champ is right there with full health right where the precious person died with zero warning.

This somehow reminds me of old Yorick. It was boring af to play with him and it was annoying to play against him. The difference is that this little shitty cat is incredibly frustrating since YOU CAN'T FCKIN TARGET THE BASTARD.

That is the problem with early reviews, you can never tell how busted a champion is until you find someone that fully figures them out. Like my fix if Riot refuses to delete the champion is to just make her take like half the damage when she is tied to someone therefore she could be killed when she makes a mistake.

A crazy suggestion for how yuumi could be changed: While yuumi is attached to another champion the healthbars of both champions get merged and all damage dealt to them gets split 50/50 between both of them. Also, if the champion yuumi is attached to dies, yuumi also dies (the healthbar merging and damage splitting ensures that).

Its almost 2 years since i stopped playing league, and people still want Yumi to be removed, lmao.I completely agree though, this champ is disgusting.
I guess Riit still didnt remove her because they have their statistics on player base and they have huge part of casual female players maining Yumi cause she is cute

Its almost 2 years since i stopped playing league, and people still want Yumi to be removed, lmao.I completely agree though, this champ is disgusting.
I guess Riit still didnt remove her because they have their statistics on player base and they have huge part of casual female players maining Yumi cause she is cute. And if Riot removes her from the game they will get mad and drop league

make w her ult. give it 8 seconds. and her r the w that charges when you land q's. since she can't latch on until 6. buff her health some her move speed etc.. balance her as a champ that can actually be hit. 8 second ultimate being latched on is still good af.

Why not just make her targetable when she's attached? She alone gains armor & MR equal to the adaptive power she provides.

AoE will hit as they should and you'll be able to possibly pick her off or very least, force her off.

CC like stuns, knock up, grabs, etc should work but they shouldn't detach her. So you can stop her ult or healing but if her partner flashes/runs, she would remain at the side.

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