Sivir Reveal | Legends of Runeterra

Honor costs more than it’s worth. Play Sivir on March 3rd with the new expansion: Empires of the Ascended, and see the rest of the Empires of the Ascended card gallery at

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#LeagueofLegends Champion – Assassin Kha-Zix.


The Void grows, and the Void adapts—in none of its myriad spawn are these truths more apparent than Kha’Zix. Evolution drives the core of this mutating horror, born to survive and to slay the strong. Where it struggles to do so, it grows new, more effective ways to counter and kill its prey. Initially a mindless beast, Kha’Zix’s intelligence has developed as much as its form. Now, the creature plans out its hunts, and even utilizes the visceral terror it engenders in its victims.


#LeagueofLegends Teams – Fnatic.


Fnatic and Dota 2 have always had a difficult relationship with each other. If you were to ask a non-Dota connoisseur how Fnatic is doing, the answer would be unequivocal: “Somewhere upstairs”. The reality therefore seems much more unreal, Fnatic has not yet had a podium success in Dota. Only a second place at the DreamLeague Season 9 and the DOTA Summit 8 are worth mentioning at all.


#LeagueofLegends #Skins- Outer Space.


The #LeagueofLegends pre-season patch has brought us a lot of grief and annoyance. The new store interface is something that everyone is still getting used to, and the new icons just seem impossible to distinguish from each other.


#LeagueofLegends Guides- Eclipse.


You look in the item store and almost get an epileptic seizure? All the bonuses, Legendary, Mythics, you can’t keep track anymore? Do you just want to go back to “the old days” when Lee Sin could still buy Sightstone?


LoL #LeagueofLegends – Patch 10.21: Will Aphelios OP be buffed?.


We’ve already given you a small snippet of what’s coming with LoL Patch 10.21. Today we have some more specific numbers. So what and who will Riot be patching?Sure, the current info on the upcoming LoL Patch Notes 10.21 is not yet set in stone and everything can change within a week, but here comes everything we already know about it:




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45 Replies to “Sivir Reveal | Legends of Runeterra”

I want to see azir to be a 3mana 0/3
Round start: Summon 3/3 ephemeral sand soldier
1st Lvl up: sand soldiers dealt 15 damage

1st Evolve: round start: choose to summon 4/4 sand soldier with quick attack or challenger or toughness

2nd lvl up: restored sun disc

2 evolve: Sun disc deal 4 damage to the weakest unit round end.
Round start: summon 5/5 sand soldier with quick attack or challenger or toughness or toughness or overwhelm or fearsome一

why did they make her champ spell so bad ? deal 1 to 5 random enemy on 6 mana slow. Really?
I'm not running that card even if it is 3 mana from the beginning. it just terrible.

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