Space Groove Skin – League of Legends

Listen to the official skins theme for Space Groove 2021.

– “Space Groove”
Written, Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by: Music Team
Saxophones and Flute: Sal Lozano, Jeff Driskill
Trumpets: Wayne Bergeron, Dan Fornero, Michael Stever
Trombones: Alan Kaplan, Ryan Dragon, Craig Gosnell
Violins: Mark Robertson, Ben Jacobson, Katie Sloan, Ashoka Thiagarajan, Paul Cartwright, Sam Fischer
Bass Guitar: David Hughes
P/C Riot Games 2021

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League of Legends Champion – Mage Karthus.

The harbinger of oblivion, Karthus is an undying spirit whose haunting songs are a prelude to the horror of his nightmarish appearance. The living fear the eternity of undeath, but Karthus sees only beauty and purity in its embrace, a perfect union of life and death. When Karthus emerges from the Shadow Isles, it is to bring the joy of death to mortals, an apostle of the unliving

League of Legends Teams – Vici Gaming.

What reminds us a bit of the Volkswagen icon is the stick-crushing Club Vichi Gaming. Because in 2012 the team dared the unspeakable, without any experience in competitive gameplay, the team simply founded their esport club. Because the players were well-known from the Chinese Dota League, it was only the management that was missing.

League of Legends – Skins-Leaks.

Actually, hardly a day goes by without news about League of Legends skins. Sometimes they come from Riot Games themselves, but often enough we hear from dataminers and leakers about skins or entire skin series that will be coming to the game soon.

League of Legends Item Guides- Goredrinker.

The League of Legends Item Guide series continues today with Goredrinker. You look into the item store and almost get an epileptic fit? All the bonuses, Legendary, Mythics, you can’t keep track of anymore? Do you just want to go back to “the old days” when Lee Sin could still buy Sightstone?

LoL League of Legends – Nexus Blitz is back – Here are the best champs.

The mode is not really new. In 2018, it already existed once. This time, too, it will unfortunately only be available temporarily in League of Legends. You can play the mode from July 22 to August 24. But watch out who you pick, because some champs are a lot stronger than others.

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31 Replies to “Space Groove Skin – League of Legends”

idk there's just something… off about this track. Riot's music department usually knocks it out of the park but this time it's weird, and I cannot describe any other way than just very much wrong.

Okay so hear me out, other people may have a clue what I'm talking about but this style of music reminds me alot of a content creator by the name of Gooseworx, like when listening to this it reminded me alot of one of their singles.

I could just be crazy but meh

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