Streamer with the most followers on Twitch

Gaming influencer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has by far the most followers on the streaming service Twitch. The now 31-year-old became successful especially in 2017 and 2018, when he used the hype around the online shooter to become a multi-millionaire and Twitch star. Lately, he’s been most notable for deals in which he turned his popularity into cash. Now he is involved in a dispute with his former friend Keemstar: He allegedly used his idea in a deal with energy drink manufacturer “G FUEL”.

Who has the most followers on Twitch? Ninja has by far the most followers on Twitch:

  • Ninja is in first place with 18.28 million followers, but most of those followers came in 2018, when he gained 11.89 million followers in the hype surrounding Fortnite.
  • Spanish-language streamers Auronplay (12.95 million) and Rubius (11.98 million) are slowly catching up, but still have a long way to go. It will probably be years before they can really catch up with Ninja.
  • His early perennial rival Tfue (11.07 million) and hothead xQc (10.86 million) are growing faster than Ninja, but much slower than the exploding Spanish-language Twitch.

Ninja finally reveals what he really made on Fortnite back in the day, and it’s kicking ass.

Ninja tries to silver fame from 2018

How’s Ninja doing today? Even though Ninja has so many followers, he’s nowhere near as popular as he once was: in terms of average viewers, Ninja is only ranked 366th in the world. His foray into Twitch competitor Mixer may have made him rich, but it also cost him a lot of his relevance in gaming.

With the hype around Fortnite, the success of Tyler “Ninja” Blevins also faded. Although he is currently playing Fortnite again since the “No Build Mode” is available there, he has mainly turned to LoL in recent years.

Today, Ninja is mostly known for being such a big deal 4 years ago and building a big name for himself, which he is now monetizing. So he offers a “Masterclass for 200 €” on how to become a successful streamer.

He is also constantly entering into new advertising deals. Currently with the brand “G FUEL”. Here he introduces his “very own brand, NINJA cotton candy”.

Gaming influencer accuses Ninja of stealing “his flavor” from him

What is he being accused of now? Controversial gaming influencer Daniel “Keemstar” Keem is accusing Ninja of copying the “cotton candy” flavor in his deal with energy drink brand “G FUEL.” But that was Keemstar’s brand.

It’s not about Ninja copying my taste because the greedy rat knew people wanted my taste back. It’s about other stuff.

Fuck that blue haired greedy rat who sends his wife to talk to me instead of coming himself. We were friends since 2017 – are not friends now!

This one goes to G FUEL and says, “I want cotton candy!”

Keemstar apparently feels betrayed and disrespected by someone he thought was his friend: In a video, Keemstar states he and Ninja have been close friends for 5 years. He has defended Ninja in every controversy and promoted him. But now, he says, the went to G FUEL and said, “I want cotton candy.” Behind this, he said, was ice-cold calculation on the part of the Blevins couple. Because his fans, the fans of Keemstar, had demanded for years to bring back the flavor “cotton candy”. Therefore, it was clear to the Blevins that the flavor would sell well. If Ninja had personally asked him to adopt the cotton candy flavor, Keemstar would have agreed, yes. But it all happened behind his back – Keemstar obviously can’t handle that. That was incredibly disrespectful.

Daniel Keem Keemstar Title

Instead of asking him for permission to take over the brand, he says, Ninja’s wife, Jessica Blevins, merely called him to tell him she was taking over the brand. Attempts by Keemstar to reach Ninja personally and clarify the story man-to-man failed:

I talked to a lot of Creators. Everyone agreed with me: he’s a rat if he did it that way. Then I calmed down and said to myself: okay, let me talk to Ninja himself. So I call him several times – no answer. Fuck this blue haired freak. We are done. I hate that guy. I’ve unfollowed him, I’ve unfollowed his bitchy little wife. We are done!

Keemstar loses collaboration with G FUEL for being too controversial

Here’s the back story: On 6/13, G FUEL released an announcement that they were bringing the new “Ninja Cotton Candy” variety to select Walmart stores in the US. This was the first G FUEL brand inspired by “Ninja” itself, it said. Cotton candy, he said, fits Ninja’s “wild and unpredictable personality.” (via G FUEL)

However, the “Cotton Candy” flavor was not new to G FUEL: originally, gaming influencer Keemstar had established “cotton candy” as a flavor at G FUEL back in 2018. However, G FUEL had ended its collaboration with Keemstar in 2020 when allegations against him surfaced that he played a role in the death of YouTuber “Etika” and made a spectacle of the man’s growing mania on his show “Drama Alert” (via gamerant).

This is how it’s discussed: The Blevins do not comment on the case.

Overall, people on the web find Keemstar’s comments rather amusing. The idea that one could secure the flavor “cotton candy” does not make sense to many.

After all, cotton candy has been around forever. Of course, it’s the best flavor of all, but Keemstar can’t lay claim to that.

cotton candy-keemstar

That’s what’s behind it: The example of the “dispute” between Keemstar and Ninja shows how rough things are behind the scenes in the business of influencers and how fragile such business friendships actually are.

Keemstar is known for promoting controversy and using it for his reach. However, this makes him a person who is considered “not brand safe.” It is a risk for big brands to work with such controversial individuals because their behavior could reflect negatively on the brand.

Ninja, on the other hand, is considered someone who apparently has no major scruples when it comes to advertising deals.

Twitch streamer Ninja becomes hero in a game he’s never played: “Really excited”.

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