Successful stock picking Those who currently bet on the right horse earn money... - 30.04.22 - News

Successful stock picking: Those who currently bet on the right horse earn money… – 30.04.22 – News

Companies with rising sales and earnings are a rarity at the moment. We have discovered such a pearl! The upcoming Q1 figures should give a first taste with a positive surprise.

Dear Readers,

just recently succeeded in our Internet special tip BBTV Holdings Inc. (WKN: A2QGTD) a real coup with the Entry into the lucrative Web 3.0, by joining forces with leading Ethereum software company ConsenSys in a partnership that will help BBTV develop Web 3 NFT solutions for content creators! Web 3 transactions such as NFTs will thereby complement BBTV’s Plus Solutions for Content Creators.

And now the company is about to detonate the next news bomb! Because, as the company announced, it has signed an agreement to provide content management solutions for “League of Champions Korea“, the main eSports competition in South Korea. As part of the company’s world-class content management solutions, BBTV will provide rights management for .

To get a feel for the caliber of this eSports game:

  • League of Legends is a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena game that is consistently ranked as one of the most popular eSports games in the world, with annual sales of over $1.75 billion in 2020!
  • In 2021, the League of Legends World Championships peaked with nearly 74 million concurrent viewers! League of Legends was developed by and released in 2009.

CEO Lewis Ball is rightly proud of his company:

“Fan communities gather to share great content and engage with their favorite moments across a variety of platforms. This creates a huge opportunity for brands and media companies to not only capture and learn from fan engagement, but also generate new revenue in the process. Fan-uploaded content is arguably the most important piece of the puzzle, as it provides a much more comprehensive view of what content is working across all corners of the digital landscape. We are proud and excited to work with Riot Games Korea to provide our solutions for one of the world’s leading e-sports titles, League of Legends.”

THE “parts supplier” for global digital transformation

To frame the scope of these recently announced coups: BBTV Holdings Inc (WKN: A2QGTD). is aCanada-based media technology company. The company uses its extremely innovative VISO platform and related proprietary technologies to drive more monetization opportunities from its customers’ digital content, so-called “content creators”. BBTV owns the largest network of YouTube content with over 600 million views per month!

Customers are individual content creators but also global media companies. While the content creators can fully concentrate on their core competence, the creation of digital content, BBTV turns this video content into cash through end-to-end content management, distribution and monetization solutions. An absolute win-win situation and at the same time a low-risk business model!

As the following chart impressively shows, BBTV offers huge growth potential, as there are now 50 million content creators worldwide generating revenues of more than USD 100 billion.

The target audience for digital content is estimated to be nearly 4.5 billion social media users by 2025! A huge market that still needs to be worked!

Source: BBTV Holding Inc.

A look at the platform size shows how strong and unique the company’s positioning has become – with more than 600 million monthly video views, the company is far ahead of Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook, and is only outperformed by YouTube.

In terms of “monthly watch time”, they are unchallenged in first place ahead of Warner and Disney with an unfathomable 50 billion minutes per month! This is already a MASSIVE market penetration and provides the basis for excellent monetization opportunities in the future!

Source: BBTV Holding Inc.

Gross margins of up to 95% are second to none and demonstrate the strong scalability of the business model

Revenue generated BBTV Holdings Inc (WKN: A2QGTD). currently still mainly from programmatic ad sales (“Base Solutions”). Since these revenues are hardly offset by expenses, BBTV operates with gross margins of an incredible 95%! This puts even highly profitable companies like Facebook and the Trade Desk in the shade!

But they are already working on further yield boosters by expanding their in-house platform by adding high-margin “Plus Solutions” (ad direct sales, gaming features like “In App Purchases”, promotional items, etc.). These already account for 10% of total revenue with a strong upward trend!

Source: BBTV Holding Inc.

After already reporting strong 9-month figures, BBTV now reported also reported top Q4 figures with sales growth in the high-margin Plus Solutions of +11% year-on-year! The quarter also closed with an operating cash flow of more than CAD 7 million, which means that the cash balance to around CAD 31 million was increased. This alone covers a large part of the current market capitalization of the company!

But since the future is traded on the stock exchange, it is now time to look ahead to Q1, which is likely to be very exciting!

According to the company, the sales growth rate of Plus Solutions in January was already more than 60%, which smells like a big positive surprise in the upcoming quarterly figures!

No wonder that the analysts are also super bullish with price targets that reach up to 22.50 CAD. In comparison, the current share price of under 3.00 CAD seems like the mother of all bargains in this absolute growth market!

Source: BBTV Holding Inc.

FAZIT: The future is bright! Is there a takeover coming?

BBTV Holdings Inc. [WKN:A2QGTD) is excellently positioned to benefit from the migration of media from traditional to digital channels and is continuously expanding its content portfolio with more and more deals and partnerships to then monetize it.

In doing so, they are not subject to any content risk but earn virtually with every Youtube view of their globally active customers! These customers are truly some of the best the world has to offer, as can be easily seen in the NBA, League of Legends, etc.

Step by step, these customers will contribute to increasing revenues and earnings in the future. A first foretaste should already be given by the upcoming Q1 figures, which we believe will positively surprise the market! Get ahead of this surprise and position yourself in time!


Your team from Aktienexplorer

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