Supervillain Jhin | Skin Trailer – Wild Rift

Thank you to #LeagueofLegends: #WildRift for uploading this video

Heroes everywhere, beware! Supervillain Jhin brings a diabolical new performance to Wild Pass Season 10, live November 17 2022 (UTC).

Created in partnership with: YIZ ANIMATION
Music by: Jeff Broadbent |
Executive production and supervision by: Riot Music Team

Dive into #WildRift: the skills-and-strats 5v5 MOBA experience of #LeagueofLegends, now built from the ground up for mobile and console. With fresh controls and fast-paced games, players of every level can team up with friends, lock in their champion, and go for the big plays.

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The Chinese New Year begins on Tuesday, 01.02.2022. This year is the Year of the Tiger. Why should this interest you? Well, maybe because basically positive open-mindedness towards other cultures is always a good character trait. Or also because there are cool skins in for it.

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Eu cansei de vocês nunca atenderem aos pedidos do público que entende desse jogo e sabem dos problemas que tá tendo dentro dele, vocês não tem respeito com esse público ficam trazendo essas porcarias de loot box's em vez de resolver os problemas com trolls, afk's filas desbalanceadas onde solo cai contra pt Full ou trio e o servidor podre toda hora cai alguém da partida é isso que vocês deveriam fazer mas pelo visto nunca irão ajeitar e é por isso que eu e muitos vamos desinstalar esse jogo ruim.

You filed a lawsuit because mobile legends is copying you. So what did you do? Like them, you brought events for the costume and started selling it at a very high price. I thought you would offer a fair gaming environment. You sell more expensive costumes. I'm leaving your game after today. I realized that mobile legends is much better than you and I decided to play that game again.

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