T1 vs DRX – Game 2 | Grand Finals LoL

G2 LoL – DRX vs T1. of – Season 12 2022 in New York.
LoL eSports S12 WORLDS 2022 – Finals Game 2 | Worlds 2022 DRX vs T1 G2 VOD Full HD.
Second match of the day – DRX vs T1 best of 5 Game 2.
T1 vs DRX G2 full game in HD 1080p.

T1 Line-up:
Zeus – Top Aatrox
Oner – Jungle Graves
– Mid Viktor
– Bot Ashe
– Support Lux

DRX Line-up:
– top Camille
– jungle Viego
Zeka – mid Sylas
– Bot Varus
– support Heimerdinger

Patch: 12.18 – – Season 12
Game date: 05.11.2022 | 11/05/2022 | November 5th 2022
Game place: New York, USA
Casters: Caedrel, Kobe and Captain Flowers

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38 Replies to “T1 vs DRX – Game 2 | Grand Finals LoL”

Keria cried cause he knows he lost the most important game of his life. Which is very understandable.

Meanwhile NA will cry in twitter with their pathetic ego dramas and make more excuses then buy more imports and get raped again and again in international stage then have the audacity to say "It's just a game".

the amount of times beryl was out of position and barely got out cuz of flash is so frustrating, he definitely thought he was sick… Edit: also camille is super cringe with that dumb hook move, basically a free flash, get outta jail free card, engage, peel, all in one ability so dumb

Lol. I was watching this series while doing other stuff and only really saw like 10% of what actually happened. And somwhow youtube played Game 2 again isntead of Game 5. And I didn't notice until the end of the whole video when I looked at DRX and thought to myself: "Damn. These Asian players show no emotions whatsoever. They just won worlds and simply walk off the stage? … wtf?!"

… Now I know why some of these plays seemed so familiar lol

They 100% deserved to lose the finals. How and why you pick Ashe/Lux, whi comes up with these retarded drafts for them? Their bot lane is their biggest strength, why would you possibly pick ultility ADC when you're supposed to hard carry your whole team?

it was 7 – 7 then that huge teamfight after the 5th drake 5 of T1 dead 1 DRX the score line updated to 11 – 8 ? Was this an error? Shouldnt it have been 12 – 8!

why do these videos look so slow ??? ive seen it alot .. the lan server they play on runs at slower game speed??? really weird .. looks like they in slow motion . not normal speeds

damn, how did they lose baron fight.. t1 dont have their supp but drx dont have their mid. well faker kind of off position and also late zhonya i guess? but they ashe… dont dealt damage even though he got lord dominik. wp from drx almost a good recovery from t1 from losing early game

I cant be the only one who knew T1 lost the second they started walking towards baron though, right? Like it was such a stupid call its unbelievable. It was so greedy.

Rewatching this stuff not in remembrance but to see if I can still enjoy his content without feeling down that hes gone. I can safely say his videos will forever be a joyful watch for me, even with the knowledge of his passing.
Bloody legendary skills to make people laugh. Legends never die

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