T1 vs DRX – Game 5 | Grand Finals LoL

G5 LoL 2022 – DRX vs T1. of – Season 12 LoL World Championship 2022 in New York.
2022 – Finals T1 vs DRX 5 | League of Worlds 2022 DRX vs T1 G5 VOD 1080p Full HD.
Fifth of the day – DRX vs T1 best of 5 Game 5.
T1 vs DRX G5 full game in HD 1080p.

T1 Line-up:
Zeus – Top Gwen
– Jungle Viego
Faker – Mid Viktor
Gumayusi – Bot Varus
Keria – Support Karma

DRX Line-up:
– top Aatrox
– jungle Hecarim
– mid Azir
– Bot Caitlyn
– support Bard

Patch: 12.18 – – Season 12
Game date: 05.11.2022 | 11/05/2022 | November 5th 2022
Game place: New York, USA
Casters: Caedrel, Kobe and Captain Flowers

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