Team BDS and Champion: Crafting a Pioneering Esports Alliance

In an exciting twist, Swiss powerhouse has revealed a groundbreaking partnership with Champion, the famed US sportswear and apparel brand. This collaboration sets the stage for an exclusive merchandise collection that merges the world of esports with fashion and showcases the brands’ commitment to innovation and synergy.

The Fusion of Esports and Fashion: An Unprecedented Merchandise Collection

This unique merchandise collection, boasting stylish t-shirts and a standout sweatshirt, is now accessible through the Team BDS online platform. The apparel line symbolizes the meeting of the minds between the esports giant and the longstanding sportswear brand, creating a fashion-forward esports experience that fans can literally wear.

Champion: A Legacy Brand Ventures into Esports

Champion, a veteran sportswear brand with deep roots in traditional sports like NBA, NFL, and , is no stranger to innovation. This storied brand, which has the distinction of creating the hooded sweatshirt, has been proactive in its venture into the esports realm. The brand has previously partnered with the NBA 2K League and several esports organizations of varying scales, proving its commitment to this digital sports sector.

The High-Profile Collaboration: A Showcase of Synergy, Not Sponsorship

Although the Team BDS-Champion partnership shines in the limelight, it’s important to note that it doesn’t position Champion as an official supplier for BDS. Instead, the collaboration focuses on co-creating an intriguing merchandise collection that embodies the two brands’ shared values and passion for esports.

The Merch Collection: A Canvas for Creativity and Customization

The collection features a sweatshirt and two t-shirts, each designed with an assortment of patches. These interchangeable patches enable enthusiasts to customize their attire, creating a unique look that reflects their personal style and love for esports, as per the vision of Team BDS and Champion.

Team BDS: Charting New Territories in Esports Partnerships

The Champion collaboration is the latest in a series of intriguing partnerships for Team BDS. The organization recently inked deals with Doctors Without Borders and the Web3 esports company , reinforcing its dynamic approach towards strategic partnerships.

Achievements and Ambitions: Team BDS’s Continuing Success Story

Best known for its triumphs in , where it holds the current world champion title, and its competitive League of team in the LEC, Team BDS is a force to reckon with in the esports arena.

Jocelyn Roux, the managing director of Team BDS, remarked, “Since our inception in 2019, Team BDS has consistently excelled and in just three years, has positioned itself as a significant global contender in the esports scene. With our Rocket League World Champion title, our ambition is to continue expanding and solidifying our brand image through sporting victories and strategic collaborations.”

This powerful collaboration with Champion is a testament to Team BDS’s continued evolution and commitment to providing its fans with more than just gaming victories; it’s about creating a unique esports experience that extends beyond the screen and into the everyday lives of fans.

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