The #1 RULE to ESCAPING LOW CR (Not Clickbait)

The #1 RULE to ESCAPING LOW CR (Not Clickbait) – #WOWTBC #eSports

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35 Replies to “The #1 RULE to ESCAPING LOW CR (Not Clickbait) – #WOWTBC #eSports”

This rule is ESPECIALLY important for demon hunters and rogues…I play DH at 2200, and Everytime I gamble my trinket, I almost always die before it rotates back up, because DH without trinket netherwalk is a free loss

On my Ret, it’s a little less lethal because I have bubbles and bops and I can deal with cross-cc by pre-sacing polys on myself and whatnot, but I REALLY have to work on not throwing away trinkets on non-lethal damage.

In shadowlands pvp, it seems like 95% of the time, trinketing offensively is a mistake because of how lethal the game is now compared to corruption season for example. You can go 100-0 in a 3 second stun

This video certainly seems to be aimed for people like me. Gives a lot to think about. Especially the skill triangle shocked me. I now understand better, why even at 1300-1400 we regularly face people over 2k exp. As for translating the 80% rule into practice, I will have to try it out. What concerns me is how many things there are to weigh in such a short amount of time. I really do hope this approach helps. We've played in almost every arena season last 15 years and still consider getting 1600 an "exceptionally good" performance for us. =)
It's good to analyze trinket usage, but I must admit we often die to enemy dps pressure outside CC. Having a trinket won't help then.

I don't know what this guide is going to say… But the #1 rule for leaving low CR is…. Don't get Banned for abusive chat even though you don't say shit to nobody, so you can actually play. And Blizzard never tells you "what" got you banned, so how the fuck you fix something you don't know what's going on? I'm pretty sure i got reported for calling someone a snowflake when someone was trashing him and he kept crying. "Stop being a snowflake and crying, you're just making it worse for yourself." but who really knows.

I wish 5v5 was put back the in game, we need a game mode in between 3s and RBG's. You should be able to go
from doing mythic plus (dungeons) to pvp without needing to get rid of people or add people to the group to do some ranked. 5s was my favorite bracket to play because it was always just the mess around bracket.

im new wow pvp player, and i have big trouble with drs. Can i see my own spell that will trigger dr in the diminish returns section in gladius or sarena? For example, i have a mage in my team and i play rogue. when mage used polly and i want to see "sap" dr is that possible?

0:21 A little while back you said the exact opposite, that the skill difference between duelist and glad is very small and the difference between glad and r1 is even smaller or something along those lines. At this point I really wonder who fact-checks the videos that this guy voices. There has been alot of things he's said which is the opposite of true when I watch r1-players play.

Not enough people to Q with. I log on, find no one around my CR or they are around my CR but it's not a good comp so i can't play with them. Or they are the right class but they don't want to play with me because my XP isin't high enough(2.5 in 3s and hero in RBGS).

So most days I'm just left sitting in LFG for the majority of my time in-game…. then eventually I get bored and settle for playing with less geared team mates or lower CR team mates, so then I tank rating….

It's actually impossible to climb if you aren't playing a meta spec and have enough XP for many people on many different days to give you a chance by being willing to Q with you.
Eventually all the players like myself will be gone, and the streaming community and those high rated players all on real ID will be mostly playing with themselves.

Or once you get close to 1600 you are fighting people with better gear then you and some uncontrollable bs that’s being abused that week, I really hope to god they just base line the gear in 9.2.5, the bullshit is fine but that gear hump you have to get over is really killing this season for me. Thank god they are fixing this in season 1 DF

Is pretty funny in the 2 last clips, they had the same result, using trinket to kill and losing the "80%" gamble at 1% hp, the proplayer clip is "good" gamble and the other one is "bad" xD

Congrats on Glad to the Rogue and his team .
This is a perfect video for me as we have a warrior who never holds his trinket …….ever first time he gets cc bam popped trinket.
Hopefully this will help him see what we keep trying to get him to realize.
His answer is always "I had him going and thought I could finish him".
Good video as always Skill Capped!

For reals, can I pay for your website with WoW gold? I have.. substantially more wow gold than irl money…. lol.. IRL money I couldn't even repair my gear… That's sad actually

I really wish they’d fix this games PvP. There is nothing like Wow PvP but damn I had to leave. To many play to wins, people buying boosts, and the gear micro boosts? My god I can back from a 9 year break cause I heard they reintroduced armor vendors. Could only push into 1900.

Everyone who has played pvp in SL at any bracket,knows that 90% games are not lost because of trinket,but because of imbalance,boosters and because of people boosted by sites like skill capped.

But you gotta respect the effort (lame effort but effort nonetheless) to point finger at people and tell them how they are losing game because of poor judgement on trinket usage,when even multi rank 1 players (actual AWC competitors) who tried pushing with undergeared chars failed.

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