The Best Abilities in League of Legends

(LoL) is a game with over 160 champions, each with their own unique set of abilities. However, ultimates are what usually define a champion and make them stand out from the rest. With that said, we have compiled a list of the ten best ultimates in LoL season 13, judging them by their raw value within the game, but with a special focus on teamfights.

Starting off the list is , the champion with the most impressive AoE damage. His R – Requiem channels damage on all the enemies on the map with unlimited range, making it impossible to dodge unless spell shielded or by using Zhonya’s Hourglass or Stopwatch’s active effect to become invulnerable. Paired with his full AP build, he can melt through most targets, making him a great pick in both pro play and solo queue.

Next on the list is Twisted Fate, who is known for his R – Destiny that grants a global true sight effect, revealing all enemy champions for a few seconds, no matter where they are or what they are doing. He can also teleport once anywhere he wants within a range that scales with the ultimate’s level, making him an excellent champion for exerting enormous pressure on the map and joining fights to get a numerical advantage in a matter of seconds.

Aurelion Sol, despite his recent rework, still makes the list with his R – Falling Star that calls down a star that crashes down, dealing damage in an area and stunning enemies in the process. Once he is able to collect enough Stardust stacks, the enhanced version of the ultimate, The Skies Descend, becomes even stronger, dealing more damage in a larger area and unleashing a massive shockwave that expands outward, knocking up enemies as well.

, the support champion, makes the list with his ultimate, Cosmic Radiance, which creates an AoE aura effect that makes allied champions invulnerable and immune to crowd control and damage for 2.5 seconds. Although the range is not that big, his W allows him to tether to one ally and have them mimic all of Taric’s abilities, including his ultimate, making it much easier to protect the entire team and win teamfights with one great cast of ultimate.

Sylas, the ultimate thief, also makes the list as a champion that can potentially use all the ultimates in the entire game. While he can only R – Hijack the enemies’ five ultimates, it’s still better than just having one, making him perfect for those games where he can steal multiple powerful ultimates.

Bard, yet another support champion, has an ultimate that makes champions invulnerable in an area that the player decides, making it a jack-of-all-trades. His ultimate can be used to dive, engage, disengage, and also stop enemies from killing neutral objectives, making it one of the best yet most difficult ultimates to cast in LoL.

Soraka, the enchanter support, is always ready to heal her allies with her W, but when it comes to life-or-death moments, her R – Wish gets even more oppressive to play against. Her ultimate heals up all her allies, making her almost the opposite of Karthus who damages all his enemies. The 50% heal increase for targets below 40% maximum health is a bonus that can turn the tide of a teamfight.

Kindred, the ranged jungler, can save allies from the realm of death with their ultimate, Lamb’s Respite, which creates a ground under Lamb for 4 seconds, preventing all champions from falling below a minimum health threshold, equal to 10% of each champion’s maximum health. They become invulnerable for the remaining duration when they or are at the threshold.

– the cat that never dies

Last but not least, we have Yuumi, the support champion that can be considered the epitome of utility. Yuumi has a kit that allows her to heal, shield, grant attack speed and movement speed, and give her allies true vision. But her ultimate is where she truly shines.

Yuumi’s ultimate – Final Chapter – deals damage in an area around her and slows down all the enemies hit by it. But that’s not all: it also slows them down and marks them. After a short delay, Yuumi can reactivate the ability, and send a homing missile that deals damage to all marked enemies.

This ability is incredibly strong in teamfights as it can effectively peel for Yuumi’s allies while also dealing a considerable amount of damage. Moreover, it’s on a relatively low cooldown, meaning that it can be used multiple times during a single fight.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, our list of the 10 best ultimates in LoL for season 13. While there are certainly other ultimates that could be considered, these are the ones that we believe stand out the most for their utility, damage, and overall impact in teamfights.

Whether you’re looking for a champion that can deal massive amounts of damage or one that can keep your allies alive and healthy, there’s no denying that ultimates are some of the most important abilities in the game. So, next time you’re looking for a new champion to play, consider picking one of these champions and mastering their ultimate ability – you might just carry your team to victory.

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