The BEST WAY To Spend 4600 FIFA Points in FIFA 23

The BEST WAY To Spend 4600 FIFA Points in FIFA 23 #FIFA #eSports

22: Player Moments Mesut Ozil SBC – Cheapest solution

We are currently blessed with one promo after another in . Now it’s all about Road to the Final, and why not? But don’t forget about our beloved SBCs! We still get new ones regularly, and really good ones at that. Now EA has released another banger: a Mesut Özil Player Moments card! We’ll show you how to best invest your hard-earned money and complete the SBC as cheaply as possible.

FIFA 22: New Showdown SBC with Zinchenko & Nacho – Cheapest solution

Although the FUT Showdown Event in FIFA 22 has been over for a long time, we got a new SBC again. This time, Oleksandr Zinchenko (Manchester City) and Nacho Fernández (Real Madrid) face off in the challenge. The two teams will meet again in the Champions … and of course that has an impact on FIFA .

FIFA 22 new FUT players: Dani Alves, Ribery, & Boateng in the game

FIFA 22 has now received new maps. But the cards and the players are not really “new”. Because in all other game modes you can already play Dani Alves , Franck Ribery and Jerome Boateng . FIFA 22 News reported a while ago that the names could be found in the game coding. Now they are in the game!


SPQR as a team was inspired by the history of Rome. The team has had a meteoric rise on the FIFA scene: when they were barely 3 months old, they had already clinched second place. The team’s mission is to connect brands with people, transform education and promote social inclusion through .

TOTS: Voting started – map design revealed

The FIFA 21 TOTS is about to start. With the Team of the Season, we can expect the hottest FUT event of the year on April 23. As every year, the promo starts with the community team vote, which also reveals the map design.


FIFA 22 is still in full operation, but in the background the game makers of EA Sports are already working on the next part – FIFA 23 will be released in autumn 2022.

But under which name will the classic game be continued in autumn 2022? As things stand, it is not at all certain that the game will continue to bear the name of the world association FIFA. We have the most important information about FIFA 23 for you, why the game series will get a new name and on which consoles the next part of the soccer simulation will be available.


We can’t give you an official launch date for the next part of the FIFA game series yet. EA hasn’t communicated much in this regard yet, so so far we can only assume that FIFA 23 will be released in the period between mid-September and early October 2022, just like its predecessors. In the past years, the latest launch date of a FIFA game was October 06.

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