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Twitch streamer Asmongold is a passionate mount collector in World of Warcraft. But three mounts rob him of the last nerve in WoW – and any motivation.

Asmongold is the biggest streamer in terms of World of Warcraft and likes to use this reach to draw a bit of attention to certain topics in World of Warcraft. One of his great passions is collecting mounts – he has one of the largest collections of mounts ever. It annoys him all the more when there are mounts that he simply can’t get. After almost two years of Shadowlands, he sent a message to Blizzard and simply asked: Did you think of anything?

What mounts are we talking about? We are talking about the three Nekrorochen mounts that were introduced with Shadowlands. These mounts are considered especially rare and that’s because you only have a chance to get them every few days. The mounts come from the “Necroray Egg”, which is only available from the vocation quests in Maldraxxus – but with an extremely low drop chance.

WoW Necroray Egg trans

Many players who have already been farming these crates at every opportunity since Shadowlands launched have yet to see a single one of these eggs – and that’s when they need 3 of them to get all 3 mounts.

What is the design goal for the Necrorochen eggs that drop from the vocation boxes in Maldraxxus? I have now opened around 170 of these boxes and have received 0 eggs so far and thought I might be low on luck. Online I looked and there are people who have opened more than 300 boxes without a single egg.

Assuming that the chance of getting an egg is somewhere between 1:50 and 1:100, an average player would have to farm these vocations for an entire year if all pacts are equally represented (anyone serious about this would join the Maldraxxus pact so that the “Kill Enemies in the Maw” and “Collect Rare Items” quests also give a Maldraxxus crate since they are based on the current pact) to get a single egg – not to mention the three eggs it takes to get all the mounts.

365 days divided by 4 pacts, and so on and so forth.

As someone who has farmed every single Paragon mount in the game, farming these [Nekrorochen-Eier im Speziellen] Is a massive step down from the rest in a negative way. Looking at the comments on wowhead, other players see it the same way. If that is indeed the design you want, so be it! I’ll just keep farming then, LoL. However, it seems incongruous to me that you have to collect such a reward 3x for it being just a recolor of a mount that was already available in patch 7.3 on Argus and you have to farm 10 times as much in total for it.

I don’t want to seem like a mount collector who is salty (that’s me) for not getting the drop, but rather bring attention to this issue and ask the honest question because I don’t think it’s intentional considering the appeal and paragon rewards so far.

He then added in the stream afterwards:

I don’t think they really thought about it. They just half-heartedly put it in this box and didn’t think about it anymore.

Community has been begging for a long time: Asmongold’s experiences coincide with many players in this regard. If you look in the various forums or simply on the “Nekrorochenei” page of wowhead, the comments there turn out similarly frustrated.

  • “I consider the existence of these eggs to be a rumor. Since release of Shadowlands I have opened countless of these boxes, all missing.”
  • “I got the first egg pretty quickly, after the 2nd crate or so. Number 2 I got yesterday with 297 tries. Hopefully I won’t need as many boxes for the third egg.”
  • “I hate to be that kind of guy, but this is really pain.
    I’ve done every single Necrolord calling quest on at least one character since the expansion launched, sometimes even on 5 characters at once, yet received 0 eggs so far.”

It’s entirely possible that Blizzard simply set the drop chance for these eggs way too low, as currently they are one of the hardest mounts to earn, requiring an extremely high time investment and then lots of luck.

However, there are also a few players who have probably been extremely lucky so far and have even received more than 3 eggs. These players know that the 4th egg (and all the following ones) will only hatch into a green slime that can be sold for a few hundred gold pieces.

Maybe the developers just needed a nudge to change the chance of getting these eggs. Have you gotten all the mounts in Nekrorochen yet? Or did you not know that there can be mounts there at all?

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