The most INSANE ending to a $25,000 Rocket League Tournament – RocketLeague eSports

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41 Replies to “The most INSANE ending to a $25,000 Rocket League Tournament – RocketLeague eSports”

Musty, AlphaKep, and Guh all in the same team is lowkey broken. Musty didn’t need to play until his team was down 2 in a set. So Musty was basically the trap card

This team was just overpowered. You worked so well with eachother. It’s crazy to see what creators Twitch Rivals can throw together and they end up playing really well too.

Edit: The amount of time Mist was on the screen when you weren’t allowed to play! These pro players must just know what to do to keep the camera on them from RLCS.

I never realized how good Guhberry actually was. I've been watch Leth for a couple years now and always knew him being around champ-gc and just never put it together that he's got so much better

mist was absolutely insane in this tourney, getting nutty goals every few seconds. in this tournament wayton proved himself highly underrated, keeping up in high mmr ssl even though he’s only a grandchamp

no disrespect to you Leth. you are much better than I am. However. I feel like I can learn a lot from you from both your mistakes and your successes in this video. May be champ 1/ Diamond 3 but I feel I recognize where you do well and when you don't now and it feels weird to say that. keep it up bud. hopefully I get good enough to play you in comp one day.

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