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One of the most important features of the Modern Warfare reboot of 2019 (and as a result, Warzone) was undoubtedly the Gunsmith. In this weapon menu, players can equip their arsenal with an almost endless number of possible attachment combinations and thus individualize it down to the smallest detail.

So it’s no wonder that MW2 wants to go one step further here and massively expand the Gunsmith for even more tactical options. We had the chance to talk to the developers at Infinity Ward before release and take a look at an early version of the Gunsmith from Modern Warfare 2.

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The first, and probably most mundane, insight is that MW2 is looking to take things up a notch in terms of sheer choice of attachments for your weapons. “We’ll offer even more different types of attachments this time around, so there’s an even wider range of features,” Jack O’Hara, the shooter’s game director, tells us. “At the same time, we’re definitely not going in the sci-fi direction, but sticking with down-to-earth technology that exists in the military.”

More slots

O’Hara shows us an example of attachments using the MP5. This time there are ten different components on one weaponwhich we can equip with attachments or change completely – in MW2019 there were still nine slots, if you count the weapon perk.

So far it is not known how many attachments will be allowed per weapon at the same time. You can change these parts on the MP5 shown:

  1. Muzzle (silencer, etc.)
  2. Underbarrel (handle, grenade launcher)
  3. Laser
  4. Ammunition type
  5. Optics (sights, scopes)
  6. Grip piece
  7. Barrel
  8. Barrel/shoulder support
  9. Magazine (new)
  10. Receiver (new)

The most exciting part is the new receiver conversion, which is the heart of the weapon. By modifying the receiver, the type of weapon can be completely changed.

The AK will appear as a weapon platform in MW2. We will unlock new sub-categories within this family.
The AK will appear as a weapon platform in MW2. New sub-categories will be unlocked within this family.

Weapon Trees

In this context Jack O’Hara also explains a new unlock system: “We are introducing so-called weapons platforms – These are weapons that belong to a family. So you start with a certain gun and then unlock new variants of that platform within that family tree.”

Each of these variants will have individual attachments for just that one gun as well as family attachments shared by all firearms in that family tree. As an example, O’Hara shows the M16 platform, which will unlock the following subcategories:

  • M16 (Basic Assault Rifle)
  • M4 strum rifle based on the M16
  • M4 .458 SOCOM (variant for special forces)
  • MCR Fightlite (MG conversion of the M4 with cartridge belt)

Attachment Tuning

Also completely new in MW2 is the tuning system for weapon attachmentswhich Jack O’Hara describes as “its own game within the game”. Once you’ve leveled up a weapon enough, you can tune individual attachments continuously, which happens with various sliders in the Gunsmith menu. Many weapons can already be seen in the gameplay trailer from the campaign:

CoD Modern Warfare 2 shows 7 minutes of continuous gameplay from a story mission.

In the case of the MP5 from O’Hara’s example, you can add more weight to the barrel so that you feel less recoil. However, attaching the weapon will be a little slower. If you make the attachment lighter, aiming will be faster – but the recoil will be heavier.

“Players should be able to further customize their weapons for their play style. But it’s always a trade-off: If you tweak one end too much, it will negatively affect other stats on your weapon,” says Jack O’Hara.

What weapons will be in CoD MW2? We have clearly identified the first 16 models in an analysis of all gameplay footage to date!

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