The ONLY Keybinding Guide You NEED For WRATH! - World of Warcraft Guide

The ONLY Keybinding Guide You NEED For WRATH! – World of Warcraft Guide – #WOWTBC #eSports

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44 Replies to “The ONLY Keybinding Guide You NEED For WRATH! – World of Warcraft Guide – #WOWTBC #eSports”

Something I’ve always done is assign my modifiers to my extra mouse buttons. (Ctrl, shift, alt). This makes it so I don’t have to push 2 keys on my keyboard at the same time, making reaction time so much faster and tripling my keybinds on the keyboard.

This is a fantastic base to build from but really doesn't emphasize mouse buttons nearly as much as it should. Whether you have a naga or a regular mouse with mb4/5, no-gcd abilities and abilities that are usable while casting, most notably interrupts and actions with your pet, should always go on mb4 or mb5. This will allow you to keep going through your rotation, movement, or reaction seamlessly while still being able to secure an interrupt or micromanage your pet. For example, if your Fear is on Q and your Felhunter Spell Lock is on E, you wont have a problem using both at the same time, sure, however if you're casting something other than Fear, like reaching for your Trinket for example on T, you might be milliseconds off landing the interrupt as your index travels back to E. Mb4 and mb5 are the easily a tier above any other keybinds for that reason alone, allowing you to micromanage so much more the better you are at using them. Playing Fire Mage on retail and weaving in Fireblasts while casting using mb5 really hammered the nail home when it comes to how good these binds are.

Targeting with the scroll wheel is a very good idea, although I use it personally to target allies as a healer, it could work great as target arena1 2 3 as mentioned in the video.

Overall, the video really is made by the best players and while there werent indepth guides like these before, we've all somehow reached very similar optimal binds, which is sort of like natural selection, really.

I slightly gotta disagree with the fact that shift + for example 2 would be slower then just 2. At least not for everyone, based on how you normaly got your hand on the keyboard. I got my pinky on the lower side of shift at all times and got no delay on any Key – i use basicly all binds in the circle around 5 -Y(left from X – for many it's Z) + my mouse buttons. Besides that well explained video!

#showtooltip Polymorph
/cast [@arena1] Polymorph
So you can Polymorph without dropping your kill target.
Make 3 macros for each ability you want to use with this and there's no need for focus target macros and makes you better.

Excellent ideas here, the concept of sequence and focus were great.
I will add my own tip: I use the mouse 3 for SHIFT and mouse 4 for CONTROL to make it really easy to get 2 tiers of keybinds extra w/o engaging my left hand.

I play with a Razer Naga, I've played with it for so many years that I'm just so naturally used to those side buttons. However I'm all aware of the buttons in the back being harder to reach, so I keep abilities back there that I don't use use often, like drain soul, searing pain and frost grenades. My DMG abilities like Incinerate, immolate, conflag, etc is all by one another, however my big ability is on 6, because my thumb joint rests there but I'll never accidentally press it, so it's the easiest thing in the world to press, and it's not a button I'm constantly pressing. The buttons I press the most are on 1, 2, and 3. I have things grouped based on things like you mentioned, dmg, defense and utility. It took me a little bit to get used to and figure out where I want everything but it's all figured out and it's second nature and my life is way easier than it was countless years ago before I learned to keybind

My probably worst keybind combination that have lost me the game is have focus cast as mod ALT and kick being on 4, then miss clicking f4. Happened sometimes on my old computer lol.

I've always been a Q and E strafer but never heard anyone say it's best before. Usually they say to use Q and E as keybinds.

But I don't understand unbinding turning entirely with keyboard. Too many times I'm running around in town or the open world and need to be able to turn while I'm messing with my inventory or whatever else. Or just turn while I take a drink with my right hand. Too big of a full time conveinance loss to me.

A cool thing I do is rebind mouse side buttons into CTRL and ALT (then you use those side buttons as modifiers) – makes it much more convenient! It also allows for actual CTRL and ALT buttons to be rebinded into e. g. F12 and F11 and they then become pretty good binds by themselves. Lastly, I rebind Caps Lock into F10 and it becomes a big, ultra convenient keybind too (especially cool to use it for Execute/SWD type abilities – big satisfying button for big dmg :))!

There's a problem with the moving bindings you recommend… If you are a caster you NEED turn right and left so you can face your opponents while casting without moving…. With these bindings opponent can just run around you and deny any spell that requires a cast time…

Modifers are based a lot on keyboard type that you use.
Shift is terrible for me because its to small, while alt is best by far, also the easiet to press while moving (with small finger).
Also if you have a mouse with only two buttons you can program those two buttons to be shift and ctrl if its to hard for you to press it witch makes it a lot easier.

I am playing WoW since 2007. and I am casual 1400 rating player. Rogue is my main. I have very small hand and I move with WASD (AD strafe ofc). Easiest keys for me are QERFCVB and side keys on mouse. Rotation abilities are on QER and shift +QER, F – kick, shift + F – Blind, V – stealth, Shift + V – Shadow Dance, C – Sap Macro, Shift + C – Sap, B and Shift + B Offensive CD, 12345 and Shift + 12345 are mobility and defensive CD. Side mouse keys and side mouse keys + Shift are for arena Macros. Like Blind arena target 123, Shadow Step + Kick arena target 123, Shadow Step + Gouge arena target 123 etc. keys XNGT and 6 are out my reach.

I've basically been using all these tips for keybinding since original Wrath but maybe forgot some of the logic behind it but i've always been too lazy to spend 6-9 binds on targeting macros and I always will be. I use focus macros but no arena 123 macros I always use addons like Gladius etc for that and just set spells for the UI.

legit good guide! so many people have wack keybinds and blame the class for their dmg
it might be useful to mention that keyboard turning is awful an one should turn with holding rightclick

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