The Remaining Darkin as Custom Cards

is a 2020 digital collectible card game developed and published by Riot Games. Inspired by the physical collectible card game Magic: The Gathering and Hearthstone.

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Snnuy, , MajinBae, all play of . , – Season als, the best decks, deck guide, new event and new decks. LoR is a card game based on champions.


League of Legends Champion – Assassin Irelia.

The Noxian occupation of Ionia produced many heroes, none more unlikely than young Irelia of Navori. Trained in the ancient dances of her province, she adapted her art for war, using the graceful and carefully practised movements to levitate a host of deadly blades. After proving herself as a fighter, she was thrust into the role of resistance leader and figurehead, and to this day remains dedicated to the preservation of her homeland.

League of Legends Teams – TNC Predator.

TNC Predator counts as a real underdog with big ambitions for The International 2018. The team can rely on a strong roster with the most capable Filipino players – Raven, Sam_H and co. … The team is bursting with motivation for the upcoming tournament. Fourth place in the DAC 2018, in which they lost to in the third round in the lower tier, counts as an international success.

League of Legends – Skins-Anima Squad.

In the 2022 teaser livestream, we got a glimpse of the upcoming skins, and also got a look at the Anima Squad skins. Miss Fortune and Riven will be equipped with new skins, that much was certain. We didn’t know about the other champs yet, but they are no longer a secret either!

League of Legends Guides- The 2022 LEC Spring Split Playoffs.

As usual, six teams ended up in the playoffs. The well-known regulars like Rogue or Fnatic are back in the starting lineup, but with Excel a surprise candidate has also made it into the playoffs! Not bad. Here you have a list of all playoff teams in the LEC, as they finished the regular – Season . Memorize it well, it will be very important later!

LoL League of Legends – Patch 11.13 Highlights.

So relax for now: LoL Patch 11.13 mainly consists of a Tahm Kench mini-rework, two new items and a few mobility tweaks. So all in all, nothing really big. We have summarized the most important details of patch 11.13, but there is a much more detailed version for the nerds among you.


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38 Replies to “The Remaining Darkin as Custom Cards”

Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't Moneerah go back to a +0 health equipment on its Last Breath effect since it copies its stats on death? I guess that's kind of balanced so that its health doesn't scale out of control.

I liked the cards, the only thing I didn't like was the amount of play effects on the full darkins, none of them have it and I think it's to force them to go to combat, like Darkin should

I'm so sad that I didn't know about the contest before. I made a 1 darkin weapon for each region on CustomLOR but it had flopped, beacause I included no arts for darkins, since it was really hard to find 10 fitting ones.

Ayyy, I'm glad Shakaal made it to the video! I had a blast designing her (Fun Fact: I came up with the name "Shakaal" because it sounded like "Shaka Call" – Shaka being what the prehistoric yordles always say :3)


Woah Soo many cool darkin cards. Those card creator are talented in what they're doing. Now that's what a 7 plus cost cards should have an effect on not just simple and weak effect that can't be justified to put into any decks.

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Zaaroth would just be another Jaul fish which just targets the same unit with everything when you rly dont want it to. Gotta love those 3 lurkers into jaul fish and all go on the same enemy unit with 2 on board

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