The Riot Games Super Art Power Hour

Thank you to #RiotGames for uploading this video

Lana Bachynski is a Lead Animator in R&D at #RiotGames. Of course, if we showed you any of that work, we’d have to use the flashy thing on you. Luckily, Lana cut her teeth at Riot on the #LeagueofLegends PC team, and she knows a thing or two about animating champs. So sit down and strap up as she shows us how to make Akali go grrr.

The #RiotGames Super Art Power Hour is a quarterly, long-form educational segment spotlighting super art and super artists at Riot. For a deeper dive into the game art production pipeline, check out our So You Wanna Make Games?? series.

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#LeagueofLegends Champion – Assassin Kha-Zix.

The Void grows, and the Void adapts—in none of its myriad spawn are these truths more apparent than Kha’Zix. Evolution drives the core of this mutating horror, born to survive and to slay the strong. Where it struggles to do so, it grows new, more effective ways to counter and kill its prey. Initially a mindless beast, Kha’Zix’s intelligence has developed as much as its form. Now, the creature plans out its hunts, and even utilizes the visceral terror it engenders in its victims.

#LeagueofLegends Teams – Invictus Gaming.

Invictus Gaming has regained its old continuity and class and poses a real threat to the tournament favourites. In 2012 the team was at its peak when they won The International. In the years that followed, the team went through a crisis. Many roster changes, many strategy changes – but nothing should really lead to the goal. The franchise Invictus Gaming also suffered from the ongoing lack of success.

#LeagueofLegends #Skins-Damwon World Championship.

Last year Damwon Gaming won the 2020 World Championship in Shanghai, China. At that time no player knew which champion would get a LoL World Championship skin, but the wait is finally over! We have splash art of the World Championship skins!

#LeagueofLegends Guides- Gnar.

You’ve seen this cute little Yordle all over the LCK as well as the LPL and LEC? Now you want to try your luck at maneuvering this cutie through Summoner’s Rift? Don’t worry, we have just the guide for you. You may not be Nuguri or Zeus, but with a little help and practice, you can master him.

LoL #LeagueofLegends – Patch 11.16 – Patch Notes Highlights.

After a long three-week break, there is finally a new #LeagueofLegends patch. A lot has happened in patch 11.16. There are two mini reworks and some of the strongest champions have finally been generated. Here are all the highlights of LoL Patch 11.16 for you!

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42 Replies to “The Riot Games Super Art Power Hour”

Autodesk Maya has a tendency to not just crash but corrupt the file to the point it cant be salvaged. Save often and in different versions so Maya cant take out everything!

Soyeon sang supercarry for Riot recently and Ahri got a visual update and this video got uploaded hmmm Worlds is at Korea this year not suspicious at all! We for sure won't get K/DA comeback this year, right?

very nice! i'm not an animator but stuck through the entire video.
Interesting to hear this took *3 realtime hours, nice job to the video editors for getting it down to an hour 👍
Animation is truly something I never once complained about in LoL, an unsung part of the product but one that is simply very good!

Thank you for this video there are some great tips and I love seeing other animator's workflows. I feel validated by how much she has the graph editor open, I do that too

@ – "Everything looks perfect and then they sort of smooth things out as they go along."
@ – "I don't work like that, so it's going to look weird and bad for a long time" (с) LEAD ANIMATOR

If even the lead animator dont even care about how work must be, i scare to ask about others.
thats why we have bad af animations in game, just pause in every random skill of the new champs and u see how it bad. Woman at the lead always bad, its a fact.

Riot Games pls, Can u remake valorant mobile so we can't just run and shoot, this is just like another fps game on mobile, just run and lucky shoot, put more recoil when we walk, it's just my opinion

I'm going to check this out especially now that I have a better work-life balance 2023 job Lana seems to be very passionate and I'm sure have a ton of great content can't wait to check up on them.

i lovee these videos as someone who wants to work in the game industry they're very insightful but im conflicted whether to do game art because im good at art but im not that passionate with it or game animation but im a beginner to animation but super passionate about it

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