The slowest striker FIFA 22 on Ultimate Team

It’s summer and the FIFA 22 – Season is coming to an end. A good time for experiments. That’s why we unleashed the slowest striker in the game on Ultimate Team. So – leisurely. If you log into Ultimate Team now to play a bit of Division Rivals or FUT Champions, you’ll encounter one thing first and foremost: completely full-on, whacky uber-teams. Thanks to the Futties event, it’s very easy to get powerful top cards right now. They’re running around everywhere right now, the Messis, Ronaldos, special cards and that are cheaper than ever before.

To some extent, though, it’s all the same. The players are fast, dribble strong, agile and know all the tricks. That can be shaken up a bit, especially now that the FIFA 23 release is getting closer. That’s why we wanted to find out: How well does the slowest striker in the game perform in this environment?

No speed, no dribbling – but lots of fun

Who is the slowest striker in the game? This dubious honor falls to Luis Guillermo Madrigal, as a quick search on the portal futbin revealed. According to FIFA 22, he plays in the Mexican league and has a staggering speed rating of 28. That’s exactly what we were looking for.

FIFA 22 Madrigal


This is the slowest striker in FIFA 22

I got the bronze card for 5,000 coins, which is pretty high for the slowest player in the game. Anyway. I had a good feeling about it. Madrigal, that sounds like a lot of goals. Doesn’t it?

So I started the first Division Rivals game with my new attacker up front. I dribbled down the left flank with top outfielder Insigne, passed into the middle to de Ligt, who got the pass to the man of the moment. And my goodness: I expected Madrigal not to run so fast, sure. But that he so would be slow – I didn’t think so after all. He got the ball to his foot, I pushed through sprinting and – nothing. With the explosiveness of a departing cruise ship, Madrigal pushed forward a meter. There he was met by an onrushing and presumably tiredly laughing central defender.




FIFA 22 Madrigal
With Madrigal you actually always face a defender

Of course, I wanted to turn him around directly with a hook, as usual. But since this movement also took place in maximum slow motion, my opponent extended his foot and stole the ball from good Madrigal’s foot. After successfully recovering the ball, I played a combination down the right. This time I chased the ball, as usual, with a steep pass into the front third – directly into the run of Madrigal. Stupidly, the good man again needed a few seconds to get going. Enough time for exactly three opponents, who were about twice as far away from the ball, to comfortably catch up and secure the ball for themselves.

We summarize: You definitely don’t win a running duel with Madrigal, especially at the current stage when everyone has crazy cards. He basically felt like an anti-Mbappé.

The first time I tried to run with him, my eyes went straight to the top of the screen – because that’s where FIFA 22 shows connection issues. It felt exactly like I just had a damn lousy internet connection. But no: it’s really that slow.

Where does the fun come from? Just because Madrigal doesn’t win a running duel, I didn’t give up yet. I really wanted to score with him. That’s why I rebuilt so that all the instructions were yelling at the striker, “Stay in front, don’t move, and put your foot in when it fits.”

And lo and behold, it paid off. My team was swirling around the penalty area and I was trying to somehow get the ball to Madrigal so that all he had to do was shoot. Admittedly, this is a massively inefficient way to play. Because it constantly creates good scoring situations with other players, where all I really have to do is pull the trigger. But that wasn’t the point. Instead, I did everything I could to whip Madrigal to the goal. And that, in turn, was a challenge that I had a hell of a lot of fun with. Somehow there was something about not playing the “usual” routines, but focusing everything on getting the attacker into the perfect position.

And it should actually work:

FIFA 22 Madrigal goal
With patience you can also score with Madrigal

The funny thing is: In the course of the games with Madrigal you somehow get used to the speed of him. You know exactly: if I turn now, it will take forever. But the opponent doesn’t necessarily expect it, because all the other cards on the field are much, much faster and move differently. I’m absolutely not saying that slowness is an advantage. But unexpected it definitely is for some opponents. If you’re solely after wins and rewards, then it’s still probably a really bad idea to go for Madrigal up front. But if you just want to have some fun in FUT and make nonsense: give it a try.


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