THIS IS BLOCKET LEAGUE – #RocketLeague #eSports

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47 Replies to “THIS IS BLOCKET LEAGUE – #RocketLeague #eSports”

I was talking to Hoodyhoo about this at the Totally Excellent Weekend and he said the only bad thing about this map is you would go on block cam sometimes and be looking at a block in the goal so you couldn’t play as well

I feel like you should only score by completing a line like in real Tetris maybe by making the goals a little smaller. Otherwise it's basically just a normal game but with huge goals, awkward shaped balls, and insta-respawn balls. Don't get me wrong it still looks like a lot of fun and the level design is super cool, but it kind of defeats the purpose of the theme. And if the goals were smaller the already scored pieces blocking you from scoring more pieces would be more of a factor.

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