Tired of facing SYNDRA?

Ekko can destroy Syndra if played well, here’s how to dominate your own games with him

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who writes “EZ” after a Quadra Kill.

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24 Replies to “Tired of facing SYNDRA?”

Ekko is honestly one of the most Sleeper OP picks for soloq. Super easy to learn, extremely safe, great damage, good utility, decent waveclear, great roams, great solokill potential and a get out of jail free card that can also double as a team nuke while also being hard to itemize against. Like, if you build to survive him, you won't have enough damage to kill him.

I always use "target champions only" when I play Ekko and go all in, especially near towers or minions. I think Peking missed like 2 or 3 Es because of not doing that. I totally recommend getting used to using it for anyone who plays champions with point and click abilities like Ekko, TF, Ryze, etc.

I main syndra and Ekko is banned every, damn, game. He's such a pain to deal with and has so much versatility to his kit. This game helped show me what not to do as a syndra player when playing into a losing match, thanks.

I'm hardstuck silver because of my poor understanding of macro. Your videos help so much, bro. Not only macro-wise but keeping my cool, being patient and having the same attitude as you. Thanks Pekin. Hopefully I can get Gold soon.

Can you say opposition level in the title please? Video has no value to me and I bet a lot of people and wasting time clicking and wacting intro, reading comments shouldnt be the meta.

lol…. great vid, ekko and fizz mid always reminding me of the dark times XD
edit: bro! the chally difference lol, quality instruction

I’ve been watching your channel a long time and I don’t think I’ve seen a better video that explained exploitable mistakes people make that create the gap between low and high ELO players. This video is a damn near master-class in how to out-perform your enemy and take advantage of mistakes.

Skeppy, you have been avenged just shows the close relationship they share and how wholesome they are to each other hurt because of other videos and how close they seem and u can see the pure joy and happiness in their voices and actions

I can't believe he's sitting there and talking…I just can't get used to it, Scara was such an unreachable character for so long and now he's interacting with us, my happiness is immeasurable

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