Tybaulk Shepherd – Taliyah & Ziggs Deck

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– Taliyah & Ziggs Deck – of #Runeterra Gameplay | LOR



Deck Region : Noxus & Shurima

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Timestamps :
0:00​​​​​​​ Preview
0:22​​ Game 1 VS Sion LeBlanc Marauder
9:18​​ Game 2 VS Kindred
17:54​​ Game 3 VS Zed Hecarim
22:59 Game 4 VS Jinx Norra Rumble

Music : Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel – Keycard Theme 1

– Tybaulk
– House Spider
– Rock Hopper
– Rockbear Shepherd
– Grumpy Rockbear
– Hibernating Rockbear
– Ravenous Conservatory
– Ancient Preparation
– Rite of the #Arcane
– Ancient Hourglass
– Endless Devout
– Restored Devout
– Ravenous Flock
– Unraveled Earth
– Threaded Volley
– Stoneweaving
– Bouncing Bomb
– Roiling Sands
– Death Lotus
– Sarcophagus
– Short Fuse

: World Ender / Bloodwoven
Legends of # / LoR ID
Server : APAC / SEA
Patch : 3.21.0

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