Ubisoft Announces Major Restructuring of Rainbow Six Esports Regions

, the publisher of the popular tactical shooter game , has announced a major restructuring of the global format. The restructuring involves splitting the four esports regions—North America, Europe, Latin America, and Asia-Pacific ()—into six distinct regions.

The decision to split the regions was announced shortly after the Rainbow Six Copenhagen Major Play-Ins ended, with the APAC teams suffering a devastating 21-game loss streak. Ubisoft’s decision aims to increase competition and make the esports scene more accessible to fans and players alike.

The six new regions will be North America, South America, Europe, Asia-Pacific South, Asia-Pacific North, and a Middle East and Africa (MEA) region. The North American and South American regions will be separated, with teams from the United States and Canada competing in North America and teams from the rest of South America competing in the South American region.

The Asia-Pacific South region will include Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia, while the Asia-Pacific North region will feature Japan, South Korea, and the rest of East Asia. The MEA region will include teams from the Middle East and Africa.

The new regions will be introduced in phases, with the MEA region set to launch first in 2024, followed by South America in 2025, and Asia-Pacific North and South in 2026. North America and Europe will remain unchanged.

This restructuring aims to make the Rainbow Six esports scene more competitive and accessible to players and fans worldwide. With the increasing popularity of esports, publishers like Ubisoft are taking steps to make the industry more organized and professional. By restructuring the Rainbow Six esports regions, Ubisoft hopes to provide a more streamlined and engaging esports experience for players and fans alike.

The announcement of the restructuring of the Rainbow Six esports regions is an exciting development for Rainbow Six Siege fans and players alike. It’s a step towards a more organized and professional esports scene that will hopefully attract more players and fans to the game.

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