Valorant's new Agent Fade appearance and abilities leaked

Valorant Agent 8: Identity, Leaks & More

Agent 8 is one of the biggest mysteries in and it seems to be far from solved. However, we might learn more about his identity in episode 4. See why here.

The lore of Valorant is full of secrets and mysteries, and Agent 8 is one of them. Currently, there are no less than 18 playable agents in the game, and none of them is officially listed as “Agent 8”. Every time a new agent appears, the community wonders “Is this the famous Agent 8 now?”, although Riot’s answer for almost 2 years has always been “Nope, maybe next time”.

It’s rather unlikely that the Valorant developers have forgotten that the number 8 exists and are simply making vibes – we already know that there must be a good story behind it. And the official trailer for Episode 4 reinforces this conviction.

But this trailer isn’t the only hint about Agent 8 we’ve gotten from Riot lately; the new Battle Pass (one of the rewards in it) might also tell us a lot more than you might think.

Agent 8: Identity

Until recently, we knew absolutely nothing about Agent 8. That changed with the release of the official trailer for Episode 4, especially with the moment when Phoenix goes to the lockers.

3 seconds of Phoenix standing by the lockers has spawned so many theories.

As you can see, the locker that should belong to the most mysterious character in Valorant has a scratched number and is deactivated, which means that Agent 8 is no longer part of PROTOCOL. Apart from the fact that we have confirmation that Agent 8 once existed, it’s also important that Riot shows us this now, right at the beginning of a new episode. With the locker disabled, a large part of the community assumes that Agent 8 is dead and that we won’t see him again in Lore. And this is where “Player Card 48” from the latest Battle Pass comes into play.

Agent 8: Player Card 48

“Unstoppable Sage” Player Card

It has become a tradition that Player Card 48 of the latest Battle Pass announces the next agent or map. However, the current Player Card 48 only features Sage, who seems to be using one of her abilities, and that doesn’t really give us much. Or does it tell us quite a bit after all? So if we assume that Agent 8 is dead, and combine that with the graphic showing Sage bringing someone back to life, an exciting theory about Agent 8 develops.

Much of the community thinks Agent 8 will be PROTOCOL’s typical antagonist or deserter, but honestly that seems a bit lame. Considering how much Riot is delaying showing him (plus it doesn’t fit with Player Card 48). So, what’s our theory? We came up with three different ones:

  • Agent 8 is dead, but he has the ability needed to carry out a mission from PROTOCOL, and so Sage will try to bring him back to life.
  • He will be revived by Sage from Mirror Earth and will fight against PROTOCOL.
  • We will get another healer agent who will be Sage’s main rival (as Neon is Jett’s rival) and will return to PROTOCOL after many years


Agents are the playable characters in Valorant. Each agent belongs to one of four possible classes and has four abilities. In addition, almost every agent represents a country.

There are nineteen agents in total, although in the earliest versions of the game there were only eight. The rest were added gradually.

There are four different classes: Duelist, Initiator, Controller, and Sentinel.

Agents have one Signature Ability which they get free of charge each round.

The riot was meaning to send off the game with 12 agents, however, just 8 were accessible in the early press constructs. On March 29, 2020, a confidential occasion presented Breach. Since the Closed Beta send-off on April 7, 2020, Raze was added alongside the guide Split, bringing the Agent complete to 10. Five agents are accessible at the first send-off, with two more that can be effortlessly opened by stepping up in the game. More agents can be opened by taking Contracts and assembling XP on them.

Agents have base well-being of 100; Light Shields carry the most extreme well-being to 125 and Heavy Shields to 150.

It is the goal of the designers that another specialist be delivered around once per act. New agents require 12-15 months to create, and their plan is engaged around focuses, for example, what’s absent from the game’s current playstyles, are there any imminent thematics that present large open doors, and what’s required for better game wellbeing.


Every specialist satisfies one of four jobs, characterized by their capacities and playstyle:

  • Controller agents are specialists in cutting up perilous domains to get their group in a good position.
  • Duelist agents are independent fraggers who their group anticipates, through capacities and abilities, to get high frags and search out commitment first.
  • Initiator agents challenge points by setting up their group to enter the challenging ground and push safeguards away.
  • Sentinel agents are protective specialists who can secure regions and watch flanks, both on assailant and protector adjusts.

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